Birthday Invitation Etiquette for the 80th Year Celebration

Do you have someone in your life that is getting ready to celebrate a landmark 80th birthday? Do you want to pull out all the stops to make it the best celebration of their life? Before you hire the caterer, make sure that you abide by the appropriate etiquette for throwing an esteemed 80th birthday party.

Remember that beyond all of this jubilant celebrating, mom, dad, grandma or grandpa isn’t the same person they used to be. In order to accommodate the guest of honor in a loving, respectful way, there are a few challenges that need to be met. The first, of course, deals with the manner in which the birthday invitations and announcements are handled.

Important Etiquette Rules for the 80th Birthday

There are definitely some unspoken rules regarding etiquette where an 80th birthday celebration is concerned. Here are a few that are the most important:

• Consider the age of the guest of honor and be mindful when scheduling an event. Select the time of day that would be most accommodating to them. Considering that the guest of honor is 80, throwing a midnight soiree may not be ideal. Don’t plan an exceptionally long party, but don’t cut things too short either. Give the guests enough time to arrive, mingle, and enjoy the celebrations.

• Plan the event at least a month in advance to give guests the chance to arrive from out of town or out of state. Travel arrangements cannot be made on a whim without costing a person a fortune. To ensure that your guest of honor’s loved ones can make it to the party, always send out invitations as far in advance as possible. There is nothing worse than learning that an absence is due to a guest’s inability to afford a last minute plane ticket.

• Note that many of the guest’s closest friends may be deceased, and thus, you should work hard to fill the room. You want the party to have an ambiance of fun and festivity, instead of quiet silence. Fill up the space with guests by thinking outside of the invitation box. Send out invitations to the guest of honor’s barber or hairdresser, his or her former co-workers, close neighbors, and family members.

• Require that everyone R.S.V.P. before the event to secure seating and enough refreshments. You don’t want to cut the cake only to find out that there isn’t enough of it to go around. Plan ahead for such upsets and make sure that the caterer knows to make extra “just in case” you have a few unexpected guests.

• Request that guests donate to a pre-determined charity in lieu of gifts if the guest of honor expresses concern over gift giving. Helping others is a gift that never goes out of style. You can write a well-mannered note on the invitation, such as “Although only your wonderful presence is requested at this gala, please feel free to donate to ______ Charity in lieu of gifts.”

Follow the advice given here and throw a memorable 80th Birthday Party for that special someone in your life!

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