Celebrating 30th Birthday Party

For Celebrating 30th Birthday Party

Celebrating the big 3-0 can be stressful for the birthday person, but it can also be fun with the right party. Here are some ideas.


When you’re trying to decide on a theme for a 30th birthday party, think about something the birthday person enjoys. For example, if they love movies then you could plan the entire party around their favorite film or their favorite actor. If they enjoy fishing or golfing, you could use that as theme and include decorations made of bait or golf tees. The idea is to pick something the individual really loves and make that the focus of the party.


Ideally, the invitations should reflect your theme. For example, if you’re doing a movie theme, then quotes or graphics from the film could be used on the invitation. If you’re doing a fishing theme, the invitation could be shaped like a fish or a boat. Of course, not all themes work out that well. If nothing else, simply use invitations which announce that this is a 30th birthday.


For the 30th birthday party, don’t plan on having some quiet, subdued evening at home. The birthday guest needs to get out on the town and have a good time. Choose some place where lots of action is happening: fun restaurants, bars, or nightclubs would be good ideas. If that’s not exactly the birthday person’s cup of tea, then try taking them bowling or to play miniature golf. Also, try to schedule an adult-only evening so no one has to worry about changing diapers in the middle of the party.


No matter where you go, you’re going to want lots of activities. Make sure you have plenty of chances for dancing. You can either hire a deejay or a local band to perform and to keep things hopping. Another fun way to throw in some music is by renting a karaoke machine for your guests. As everyone starts to unwind, this can be one of the highlights of the evening. You could also hire a local comedian to do an act. Or if you’re looking for something more unusual, hire a psychic to do readings for the birthday person and your other guests.


Because you want your guests to be active, don’t bog them down by filling up their stomachs with a big meal. Instead, serve trays of appetizers, including jalapeno poppers, Buffalo wings, chicken tenders, mini tacos, potato skins, mozzarella cheese sticks, etc. Of course, you can always top off the evening by bringing out the birthday cake decorated with a huge 3-0 and served with a glass of champagne.

The bottom line is that the 30th birthday party should be all about having a good time. No one should leave at the end of the night without making at least a few good memories and that goes double for the guest of honor.

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