Celebrating 40th Birthday Party

For Celebrating 40th Birthday Party

Turning 40 can be a stressful event. Many of us see it as a turning point in our lives – not always a happy turning point. That’s why it’s important to throw an incredible 40th birthday party for the guest of honor.


The best themes for 40th birthday parties, strangely enough, should remind the guest of honor of their age. You could plan the party around a certain decade, such as the decade when the person was born or when they were teenagers (depending on which they probably remember more fondly). Everyone can wear the clothes of that decade and the entire location for the party can be decorated so the guests feel they just stepped into a time machine.


If you decide to choose a “When You Were Young” theme, you could create birthday invitations focused on the decade you’ve selected. You could either add graphics of the popular bands, movies, and style of the time or you could list important events of the decade. Another idea is to have a photo of the birthday person from that decade on the front of the card and a more recent photo inside the invitation card (or both could be used on the front as a comparison).


For the 40th birthday party, a house, party room, or similar private location is best for the party. That way you’ll have more control over the entertainment and the decorations.


You can have plenty of fun activities at a 40th birthday party. Music is definitely important, especially for this type of theme.; You could either have a deejay take your guests through a musical timeline or you could hire a band to perform the hits of that era.

Other possible activities could include trivia challenges with questions about either just the decade in question or about all four decades the birthday person has lived through. You could also have contests about who knows the guest of honor best – an interesting game since the party will attract people who know the person from all different walks of life.


If you know what the birthday person’s favorite meal was growing up, you could always serve that or a variation of that. Otherwise, serve a combination of foods you know they love and that could possibly be worked into the theme. Make sure to write a big 4-0 on the top of the birthday cake.

When you’re enjoying a 40th birthday party, the emphasis should be on walking down memory lane and on enjoying a fun time with friends who’ve gone down the same lane themselves.

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