Celebrating 50th Birthday Party

For Celebrating 50th Birthday Party

The fiftieth birthday is usually a momentous occasion. At the point, the birthday person has lived an entire half of a century, so it’s definitely going to be worth celebrating with some fun and some good memories, too.


Usually, the 50th birthday party is when hosts pull out the “Over the Hill” decorations, but that theme has been overdone quite a bit. A better way to capture the you’ve-lived-a-long-time vibe is to incorporate a “This is Your Life” theme into the party. The entire party from the decorations to the activities can be a reflection of your guest of honor’s life. Make sure everyone knows the party is going to be a surprise.


With the invitations for this type of party, you can use pretty much anything that will match well with the theme. If you have an old school picture of the guest of honor or a picture of where he/she grew up, then you could have that used as the cover for your invitation. You can also go with invitations decorated with clocks or calendars or which poke fun at getting older. Because of your theme, you should also include a sheet for the guests to complete and return. The sheet should include questions such as “How do you know the birthday person?” and “What is your most memorable moment with him/her?”


For 50th birthday parties, you want something more intimate so choosing to have the party at your home is a good idea. If you don’t have the room, rent a private party room or several hotel suites.


Start the night off by having most of the guests hide in another room. Using the information they supplied, you can play a version of “This is Your Life” with the guest of honor. For the best effects, make sure to invite plenty of people who have known the birthday person from different times in his/her life, including teachers, classmates, college roommates, etc.


The food can be nearly anything you choose, but you might want to keep it casual. Meat and cheese platters or picnic fare would be a good choice. You could also create a food menu including all of your birthday guest’s favorite foods from then to now, including pizza, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, etc.

With a 50th birthday party, you want to keep things light-hearted but don’t shy away from that trip down memory lane. Bringing together people from the past and the present who are important in the guest of honor’s life is the key to a great party.

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