Birth Announcements For Adoption – Is There a Difference?

The sentiment underlying each type of announcement is the same: the new baby announcement is a message of pride, love and joy from the parents to their family and friends. Does it really matter how the baby arrived?

Overall, ordering, addressing and sending birth announcements is the same as for adoption announcements. Whether your child was delivered by you, or brought to you through adoption, you have an array of beautiful, creative announcement designs to choose from. Only the message and details on the front of the announcement may differ slightly.

Consider this birth announcement:

David and Laura Jamison
proudly announce the birth of their daughter,
Ashlee Avery Jamison
on February 12, 2007 at 12:51am
weighing 8 lbs, 3 oz and 19 ½” in length

The adoption announcement would read almost the same:

David and Laura Jamison
proudly announce the adoption of their daughter,
Ashlee Avery Jamison
on February 12, 2007
God has truly blessed us
Our hearts and home are complete

Information on Your Adoption Announcement

Adoption announcements do not typically include birth weight and length measurements, especially if the adoptive parents received the child a few weeks or months after the birth. Instead, many contain a special message of love and thanks at the blessing they have received. For many couples who adopt, the adoption itself is the miracle that has allowed them to have a child when Mother Nature would not.

Adoption announcements might also list two separate dates: the date of the child’s birth and the date they were welcomes to their new home.

Welcome Baby Home with a Heart-felt Announcement

These are other sample adoption announcement messages that you could use:

Joyfully, we invite you to share in our happiness in welcoming… to our family

Dan & Amy announce with great pride the adoption of their baby girl, Emily Rae

He wasn’t expected, he was selected! Welcome Andrew Davis…

We will never forget the day he came into our lives… It is with great joy that we announce the adoption of Bradley James…

Today we kissed an angel, we knew it from the start… the first time that she smiled at us, we gave away our hearts… Announcing with great joy the adoption of Bailey Anne

Or choose from this list of birth announcement sentiments:

We welcome with love, Alyson Emily, born May 12, 2007…

It is with great pride and joy that we introduce to you, Mark David MacDonald, born June 2, 2007…

We are pleased to announce the birth of our daughter Annabelle Rose…

We welcome, with love, Trevor Michael, born April 27, 2007…

We are beaming with joy over the arrival of our precious baby girl, Michaela Janet…

Whether your new addition is the result of your pregnancy or someone else’s, celebrate in style with photo birth announcements. Give your friends and family a glimpse of the little angel that has joined your family. They will treasure your birth announcement for years to come!

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