Celebrating 60th Birthday Party

For Celebrating 60th Birthday Party

While the 30th and 40th birthdays are mostly about having a good time with your family, the 60th birthday party can be a great time for sharing memories with the family, as well as some long-time friends.


You can choose to do a theme for the party, such “Over the Hill” or “Mexican Fiesta.” Both of those ideas would work, but you could also create a theme around memories and focus on putting together a party that helps the birthday person remember some of those special times of the last six decades.


Birthday invitations should be simple. If you’re having a theme, then find invitations that will match up nicely. If you’re doing a memory theme, then the invitation will need to include information on how the guests can help you. Ask them to contribute funny stories, photos, memorabilia, or anything related to the birthday person’s past that would be great for the party. Also, make sure the invitation clearly expresses that the party is a surprise.


The 60th birthday party should be a little more formal than the parties for other milestone years. You could book a private room at a nice restaurant or hotel, for example. The party could also be held at your home or one of the guests’ homes.


If you’re taking a stroll down memory lane, try to find music from those early days and have it playing on a jukebox during the party. You can frequently rent jukeboxes and fill them with you own compact discs. A deejay could also be a good choice.

With all of the contributions from the guests and probably some of your own research, you can put together a slideshow highlighting important moments from your birthday person’s life, including the birth of their children, their graduation from high school, the time they got caught shoplifting, etc. Anything that would be memorable can be added to the slideshow which you can make yourself using PowerPoint. If you have the time, use some of the same information and memorabilia to create a scrapbook with pages left over for the addition of photographs from the party.


Since the party should be more formal, so should the food. Have a sit down dinner either served at the restaurant or catered for your party. Consider having champagne ready so everyone can make their own toast to the birthday guest then cap off the festivities with a luxurious birthday cake in the guest of honor’s favorite flavor.

With the 60th birthday party, you want everyone to have a good time, but you also want to celebrate all of those great years that you’ve shared together.

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