Traditional Color for Baby Shower

When choosing stationery for your baby shower invitations and thank you cards, there are several important factors to consider. Selecting the right color is certainly an important part of your decision.

Traditional Baby Blues

Traditional baby blue and pink are great choices for parents who are sure of the baby’s sex, especially those who are excited or had a preference as to the sex of the baby. For example, a mother of three boys who has just discovered she is having the girl she always wanted would love the ultimate pink girly shower!

Blues and pinks are also popular for twins showers where one baby is a girl and the other a boy. They will be spending much of the first few years of their lives in pinks and blues in an effort to tell them apart!

Colors for “Surprise!” Babies

Some parents prefer the surprise and decide not to find out the sex at their ultrasound. Light, sunny yellows and pastel greens are great choices for these showers. Blues and pinks can be incorporated into the mix, as long as one does not outshine the other.

These light, soft pastel colors are so associated with babies and baby items that any combination of the delicate purples, greens, blues, yellows pinks and oranges works well together.

Your Color and Your Theme

Whenever possible, the color of the invitation and thank you card stationery should match the theme of the shower. For example, a Rubber Ducky themed shower would use soft, pale yellows and watery blues throughout for stationery, decorations and tableware.

Deciding on a theme can help you decide what colors you should use. This will help you find napkins, balloons, party favors, plates, cups, streamers and more to bring the shower décor together in a unified way. Choose one from the list below or get creative and design your own theme:

Winnie the Pooh – Muted yellows and pastel greens

Tea in the Garden – Soft yellows and purples set against the greenery of the garden

Little Princess – Girly pinks and purples; give Mom her own tiara!

Care Bears – a rainbow of pastel colors

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – soft yellow accents against a dark blue main color

When in Doubt… Ask!

If you are unsure what color would be appropriate for the shower, ask Mom! She may be hoping for gifts of a certain color or theme to match her nursery plans. If she is hoping for cool pastel greens to create a soothing nursery, a green invitation may encourage guests to choose items of that same color.

Some parents are strictly traditional and are adamant that their baby boy should be dressed in blue, or their girl in pink. Green and yellow just aren’t for everyone. Honor their wishes and plan your shower accordingly. Encourage her to create a gift registry with her specified color choices for each item on the list.

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