Thanksgiving Bridal Shower Party to Remember

A bride who sets her wedding date in January or February might be amenable to having a bridal shower party with a Thanksgiving theme. Mid-November will fall within the appropriate range (one to two months) prior to a wedding that a bridal shower party is traditionally hosted. If your bride is keen on a bridal shower party with a Thanksgiving theme, then check out these ideas to make it a special time for her.

Tips for Planning a Thanksgiving Bridal Shower Party

Since Thanksgiving will be the bridal shower party theme, it’s important to choose a particular aspect or symbol that you might want to focus on. This way, choosing bridal shower invitations and decorations is easier, and the final look will be cohesive. For example, you might choose ivory bridal shower invitations with a turkey on the cover in shades of fall, like gold, burgundy and green. The turkey could be the Thanksgiving symbol repeated in the decorations, and the coloring would be your color scheme.

You could then choose a Thanksgiving inspired tablecloth with a turkey motif and set out napkins in burgundy and green. If using paper plates, choose an off-white instead of a color to help make the food appear more appetizing. For a bridal shower party game, you could have funny dares written on “turkey feathers” that are really colored construction paper, have guests draw them at random, and perform the silly task listed.

You can plan your bridal shower party around any Thanksgiving symbol this same way, using a horn of plenty or an oak tree with changing leaves, for example. As long as you match your decorations to the tone of your bridal shower invitations, whether casual or formal, your Thanksgiving bridal shower party will be one to remember.

Tips for Planning a Couples Thanksgiving Shower Party

A Thanksgiving bridal shower party is also an excellent theme for a less traditional bride who wants a couples shower. The Thanksgiving theme will already signify delicious food to the guys who are invited, while also being less feminine and more conducive to a co-ed shower.

For a casual Thanksgiving couples shower, consider having a Thanksgiving cook-out and put the guys to work grilling a turkey breast with an herbal rub or even barbeque sauce. Then, roast some delicious Thanksgiving vegetables, like butternut squash, carrots, sweet potatoes and green beans together, for a veggie medley.

If you have room to set up a long table and fit everyone around it once the food is done, it will feel like an intimate dinner party with friends, instead of a traditional bridal shower party. After you eat, play a round of couples touch football or a themed game like Thanksgiving bridal charades with guys against girls.

Planning a Thanksgiving bridal shower party should be fun and delicious, but don’t feel like you need to serve a large meal a la Thanksgiving. Instead, use the traditional food to inspire your menu, and the bride will thank you for your thoughtfulness and creativity.

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