Afternoon Tea Party Bridal Shower Party Theme

Bridal showers are the traditional way for female relatives and friends to gather prior to the wedding and honor the bride with gifts, play games and eat delicious food. One way to accomplish this is to host an afternoon tea party and extend this theme to your bridal shower invitations. Your afternoon tea party bridal shower can be casual and fun or formal and traditional-it’s up to you!

Lighten the Mood of Your Afternoon Tea Party Bridal Shower Theme

An afternoon bridal tea party doesn’t need to observe the traditional rules of a tea party if you want to lighten the mood and put your own unique spin on a traditional social activity. If you decide to host a casual afternoon tea party bridal shower, however, it’s important to send bridal shower invitations that not only convey a tea party theme, but are casual in appearance so guests understand that this isn’t high tea with the queen. For example, you could send afternoon tea party bridal shower invitations that feature a trio of tea cups with unique and modern patterns in bright, fun colors against a pale pink or blue background.

Another way to let your guests understand the true nature of this fun afternoon tea party is to invite them to dress-up like fine ladies of a previous era arriving for tea. Invite them to wear long strands of pearls, fun vintage hats and elegantly embroidered hankies. If you go to a thrift store, you can have fun choosing a few extra pieces so that any guest who isn’t prepared or wants an extra accessory will be able to participate. Ladies can even exchange items with each other or you could make a game out of it. Instead of having guests arrive already decked out, simply invite them to bring “dress-up” clothing items and lay all the clothes and accessories in piles. Give everyone five minutes to assemble their outfits for tea and make sure to have a camera for a group photo and even a small prize for the best dressed.

Elegant Afternoon Tea Party Bridal Shower Theme

If you want your afternoon tea party bridal shower to be more elegant and traditional but still have a lighter mood, send bridal shower invitations that both feature the afternoon tea party theme and have a slightly more formal feel. For instance, you could choose bridal shower invitations that feature a lovely table set for tea, but use a modern color palette to avoid giving the impression of a stuffy atmosphere.

Depending how many guests are invited and the layout of the location, you can choose to set up multiple tables or one large one so that everyone can chat and enjoy tea together. If you don’t already have elegant tea pots, antique stores will have a variety of selections or you could borrow a few. These can function as centerpieces and hold flowers, as well as hold tea. Also, you can serve beverages like coffee, iced tea or punch in addition to or in lieu of tea, especially if the bride isn’t a tea drinker.

Your afternoon tea party bridal shower will be a success as long as you keep the mood light and send appropriate bridal shower invitations that prepare guests for a fun afternoon tea party.

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