Incorporating Culture in Bridal Shower Invitations

Bridal shower invitations offer a large variety not only to give consumers more choices, but to give brides the chance to choose bridal shower invitations that reflect their personalities. If you come from another country or your family is from another country and that culture is an important part of who you are, then choose bridal shower invitations that reflect this dual nature.

How to Include Your Cultural Heritage Into Your Bridal Shower Invitations

In today’s shrinking society, cultures overlap as more people bring their families and their cultural values into the U.S. Learning about other cultures has become not only accepted but encouraged, so why not include your cultural background in your bridal shower invitations? This will make guests who share your culture instantly comfortable and those who don’t share your culture instantly intrigued.

A good way to incorporate both your American and your family background is to choose bridal shower invitations that feature a pattern, symbol or that highlight a particular tradition associated with your culture and then keep the wording in English.

Another way to highlight a dual culture theme is to print you bridal shower invitations in both languages, such as English on the left and your language on the right. This is especially appropriate if some of your guests speak that other language.

As long as your bridal shower invitations are designed for guests of both cultures, you’ll likely have a great turnout from both sides.

Including European Traditions in Your Bridal Shower Invitations

If your family has a French background and you wish to highlight this culture in your bridal shower invitations, you’ll definitely have several sophisticated options to choose from. You can choose a traditional French pattern, like fleur de lis, or a vintage French pattern and an elegant black and white motif. Incorporating silver accents could represent the silver marriage cup that French couples drink out of during the wedding ceremony.

If you’re of Irish descent, you can, of course, choose bridal shower invitations with a green theme to highlight the Irish in you, but you don’t necessarily need to go overboard with four-leaf clovers unless you want a fun and casual Irish-inspired bridal shower invitation. At the bridal shower, horseshoes, which represents luck at an Irish wedding, could be part of the decorations, or you could serve cookies shaped like horseshoes for a traditional element.

Italian brides could send bridal shower invitations that depict rolling hills and vineyards of an Italian countryside. They could have a red wine theme and then serve Italian red wine at the shower, or they might incorporate the warm colors associated with Tuscany. At the bridal shower, hand out bonbonnieres, or tulle gift bags filled with sugared almonds and tied with ribbon for a true Italian tradition.

Scarlet Bridal Shower Invitations With an Asian Flair

If you want to celebrate your Chinese heritage or your Indian heritage, make red the theme of your bridal shower. Chinese bridal shower invitations could feature traditional Chinese artwork with vivid red accents, since red represents celebration in China. Your Indian bridal shower invitations could feature a background filled with bold colors to mimic a traditional sari, with red at the forefront to represent the bride.

However you decide to highlight your cultural traditions in your bridal shower invitations, your bridal shower is sure to be unique and memorable for all.

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