Bridal Shower Registry – The Basics and The Etiquette

Your bridal shower registry is usually not separate from your wedding registry, although you may choose to register with a particular store for your bridal registry and have the host include this information with the bridal shower invitations or via word of mouth to guests. There are some basic etiquette rules regarding a bridal shower registry, and being aware of these will help save you from any unintentional faux pas.

What Should I Include in the Bridal Shower Registry?

Once you set up your wedding registry, most stores give you the ability to log into your registry online, view purchases and add and remove items at will. When you know that your bridal shower is approaching, it’s time to make sure that your bridal shower registry is complete and ready for guests to peruse. Often, you go into your wedding registry and simply add items suitable for your bridal shower.

The key to choosing items for your bridal shower registry is to choose smaller, less elaborate gift ideas, as well as a range of prices so that anyone can afford to purchase a gift for you.

If your bridal shower will have a theme, make sure you include gift ideas within that theme so that guests will have plenty to choose from. If you’re having a lingerie bridal shower, for example, this might warrant you creating a unique bridal shower registry for this occasion, since lingerie is not a typical wedding gift. Leave off big ticket gifts like furniture and appliances, unless they are included in your wedding registry. In this case, trust that guests will understand what to purchase for your bridal shower.

An around the clock bridal shower, for example, might warrant you registering for fancy bath soaps and lotions, bathroom towels, everyday dishes and a waffle maker. Peruse your existing registry or create one that has an array of ideas for all times of the day. This will ensure guests can find something to give for their assigned time of day and in their price range.

Should Your Bridal Shower Registry be Separate From Your Wedding Registry?

In general, when you go to register for wedding gifts, you’ll register for an array of gifts for the home, ranging from inexpensive picture frames and napkin rings up to fine china, small electric appliances like an espresso machine, and even furniture.

There’s no need to actually create a separate bridal shower registry unless the theme is very specific and requires themed gifts. If you have general kitchen items on your wedding registry but are having a kitchen-themed bridal shower, you might want to set up a special bridal shower registry at a local kitchen store and choose all those special spoons, spatulas and canisters that make up a new kitchen.

Otherwise, guests should understand that your wedding registry doubles as your bridal shower registry. The main etiquette rule regarding bridal shower registries is to make sure a range of prices are represented, to never specifically ask guests for money, and to have the bridal shower host insert a gift registry card with the bridal shower invitation or tell guests where to find gifts for your bridal shower.

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