Wedding Invitations vs. Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

There are many differences between wedding invitations and rehearsal dinner invitations. The most obvious difference is in the number that will be sent. Many more people will be invited to the wedding than the rehearsal dinner. This is to be expected, as all those attending the wedding will be attending the reception, while the rehearsal dinner is a much more relaxed and intimate gathering.

There is a requirement of formality with wedding invitations vs. rehearsal dinner invitations that are general more simple and intimate. You need not spend a fortune on rehearsal dinner invites, as most of those attending the dinner will be your close family and friends, and they know that you are busy and working in a budget. You could make them yourself at home, although most brides find that they do not have the time, and ordering them from a printer in advance is recommended. However, the style of the wedding and rehearsal dinner invitations should be as similar as possible. This helps maintain the theme you have used to build all the plans for your wedding.

The Who’s and Why’s of Wedding Invitations vs. Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

The pastor, maid of honor, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and other members of the bridal party will not receive wedding invitations vs. rehearsal dinner invitations should be sent to everyone invited to the dinner. These individuals are a part of the wedding, and therefore do not require an invitation unless you want them to have one as a keepsake. However, the dinner is for appreciating those who have helped plan and participate in your wedding. Therefore, dinner invitations must be sent to these important people to let them know they have not been forgotten. Be careful not to forget anyone. For example, if your flower girls’ families are not part of the bridal party, you should invite them and be clear that the children are welcome.

Formal invitations should be mailed months in advance for wedding invitations vs. rehearsal dinner invitations which can be mailed as close as one week before the wedding. This is due to the fact that most, if not all, of your dinner invitees will be expecting to attend the event in advance. The invitation is simply a formality that is traditional and required by etiquette. However, many people invited to the wedding may need to make travel arrangements, schedule time off work, or find a daycare provider in order to attend.

Finally, invites should be beautiful and tasteful for wedding invitations vs. rehearsal dinner invitations can be more intimate and friendly in their design. It is perfectly okay to make your rehearsal invites much more casual and interesting, although you should not be tacky. The styles and main color choices should also be similar to those used throughout the wedding theme, including with the invitations.

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