Adding Magnets to Save The Date Cards

Save The Date CardsSave the date announcements are mailed out up to six months prior to the day of your wedding so your guests can get a head start on making the necessary arrangements to attend. While not every wedding requires such cards be sent out, you should definitely use them if you’re planning a summer, holiday, or destination wedding.

Since the main idea of save the date cards is to provide a handy reminder to your guests so they’ll remember your wedding date long before they receive the actual invitation in the mail, you might want to make it easy for your guests to place that card in an easy to spot location, such as on the front of their refrigerator.

While you can buy save the date cards which have already been made into magnets, this may not be the best choice. These cards are usually much more expensive, plus your design options are limited. You’re better off creating your own magnetic save the date announcements.

First, you need to carefully choose the paper for your save the date cards. Normal card stock paper will be too thin and won’t look right as a magnet. Instead, you’ll want to have the announcements created using 80 to 100 pound bond paper. That paper is thick enough to make an effective magnet.

Save The Date CardsNext, you’ll design your save the date announcements to your specifications. If you want to create a certain shape, such as a heart, you can do that with the heavier paper easily. You can also take the heavy paper to a printer and have them use that paper to create your save the date announcements to match the rest of your stationery. The choice is yours.

Once you have the printed save the date announcements, you’ll need to purchase magnets. These are available online and in many craft stores. Basically, they are small round magnets which you can buy in bulk and which can be attached to the back of your announcements with a little bit of glue. The prices for these magnets are very reasonable. At some online stores, you can buy 200 of them for less than $20. Remember to choose the thinnest magnets you can find because they look the best on the finished product.

After you’ve glued the magnet to the back of your save the date card, give it plenty of time to dry before you start placing the finished products in the envelopes. Then mail them out so your guests can make their plans and have a handy reminder each time they get the ice cream from the freezer.

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