Surprise Party Ideas That Worked

Surprise Birthday Party InvitationsIf you spend much time watching sitcoms, then you’ve probably seen a fictional surprise party in action. The guest of honor arrives on time and clueless, then the happy guests jump out in unison and yell “Surprise!” It seems like plenty of fun, but a surprise party takes a lot of planning and preparation. Here are some stories of ideas that worked.

Surprise Party #1: Unsuspecting Adolescent

One mom wanted to surprise her daughter with a trip to her favorite pizza restaurant for her and her friends so she started the planning process by creating a believable way to get her daughter to the restaurant. She said her grandmother was going to take her shopping and out to lunch to celebrate her birthday. Of course, the lunch spot was the pizza restaurant.

Next, the mom purchased birthday party invitations specifically for a surprise party and sent them to the party goers only a couple of days before the event. That way they had enough time to plan on attending but not enough time to let news of the party slip.

When her daughter walked in to the restaurant, her first reaction was “What is everyone doing here?” then she saw the large Happy Birthday banner and her question was answered.

Surprise Party #2: Late Night Party

Sometimes surprise parties don’t always start as scheduled but that’s not always a bad thing. You can plan for the guest of honor to be on time, but things don’t always work out that way so you just have to be flexible. For example, one husband wanted to throw a small surprise party for his wife who was turning 32. Since she always went out on Friday with her mother and her daughter, he planned to surprise her when she came home.

To let the guests know about the party, he also chose surprise-themed invitations but he hand-delivered all of his instead of going through the mail. He also had the invitations delivered to his friend’s home instead of his own so the package wouldn’t arouse her suspicions.

Unfortunately for him and the guests, she came home a little later than usual – about two hours later. In the end, he spent time hanging out with their friends and family and having a good time. When she did arrive, she was completely surprised. Since he had planned her party around her normal activities, she had no reason to suspect he was up to anything.

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