Wild Wild West Children Birthday Party

Children think of cowboys when they think of the Wild West. Their mind immediately begins to imagine cowboy hats, boots and horses.

Look for invitations with a great Western theme and be sure to invite the guests to come in costume.


Regardless of where you are holding your Western party, (even in the heart of the city) you can transform the space to a Cowboy theme with very little effort. Bales of hay can be brought in for decorations or to use as extra seating (spread a blanket on top of some bales for the ladies). If you can find old wagon wheels, tin coffee pots and cups, and wooden barrels-you will capture the authenticity of history. Walls can be decorated with “wanted” posters that you have created. If you ask each guest to send a photo of himself as the RSVP to your invitation, you can scan and enlarge it to put on the poster. If space allows, create a “campfire” area. There are lots of ways to do this, including using lights amongst firewood, or gathering people around the fireplace in your home. This will be a great place to tell stories or sing along as a group.


For a little extra fun, appoint a new guest to be sheriff each hour. Have the sheriff locate bring a guest to the jail (which you can create) for questioning. Have your musician get out the guitars and play familiar songs, such as “Home on the Range”. You can download lyrics to campfire songs from the internet and hand them out, if desired. Horseshoes are the game to play at a party such as this. (Be sure to purchase a plastic set for children)


Barbeque food of any time is a good menu choice for a Wild, Wild West Party. Your young guests will love being invited to join you around the table for burgers and hotdogs. Soda pop in old fashioned bottles (such as Stewarts), or punch offered in tin cups or paper products with a western theme are both good drink options.

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