Single Party Ideas

A single party or a theme party is built around a specific theme that determines the guest or host behavior. It is one of the most interesting ways of planning and organizing a fun time with friends. There are a number of single party themes such as pajama parties, tea parties, bottle parties and singles parties to name a few. The main attraction of such theme parties is that they offer you the liberty to select the food, music, games, dress code as well as the decorations. Though a bit different in style, having fun is the main aim of such a party. For example, if you plan a pajama party, which is also a specific type of single party theme, you need to focus on the dress code of attendees. Everyone at the party is supposed to wear a pajama to maintain uniformity. Besides, they stay up late and enjoy themselves by talking or playing till totally exhausted. These single theme parties are generally organized in a way that everyone comes with their own pillows or bed-sheets. Many children play board games, watch movies or enjoy pillow fights, while teenagers prefer LAN parties at sleepovers or making prank calls late at night.

By far, the single theme party is the most enjoyable and though not so popular in the United States before the 1970s, it has become very popular today. Earlier, being single at an older age was not acceptable, especially for women. However, it was acceptable for a man to be single.

The single party theme is celebrated in a number of ways, depending on the choice of people participating in the party. You can book a venue, go outdoors or celebrate it at home. No matter where you wish to celebrate it, always make sure that you send invitations to all your friends who are single and would like to participate in single’s theme party. You can either invite them over the phone or send printed invitation cards. However, it is not necessary to send invitation cards to close friends and a simple phone call would do. You never know, may be you’ll find your soul mate at a single’s party. It is better to celebrate your being single, rather than sulking and cribbing about life. You can take help in decorating your place and you can also include a dress code for the single party theme.

Food is usually the main attraction at such parties, so make sure that you arrange for plenty of good quality food. You can prepare snacks and drinks for the party and arrange for peppy music to brighten up the mood and get the party rocking. Select games that can be enjoyed by everyone in the party. Try to select simple games such as dumb charades, truth or dare or musical chairs. In case it is a small group, you can hire or download some good movies and relax at home with your friends. Do keep a chart or a white board where your buddies can comment on the party or some of the best things about being single.

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