Mexican Fiesta Party

Fiesta means feast or festival. What person doesn’t want the opportunity to celebrate? You could invite friends to a fiesta to celebrate a birthday, a religious holiday, or for no specific reason at all.


There are some common thoughts that come to mind when you hear the words “Mexican Fiesta”. Cactus, Chili Peppers, Fajitas, Piñatas, Latin Music and Sombrero hats are all symbols of the rich heritage that Mexico is known for. All of these items can be used to create a wonderful Fiesta party for your invited guests.


Look for invitations that have the above mentions symbols on them. There is a multitude of stationary available that will immediately cause your guests to look forward to coming to your fiesta party. Remember that the invitation is the first insight the guest has to the upcoming event and sets the tone for the party.


Theme colors for fiestas are varying shades of red, green, orange and yellow. Crepe paper can be used to hang streamers from the ceiling, wrap poles and chairs, and loop across the fronts of tablecloths. Party supply stores offer a variety of large, colorful cutouts of cactus, desert flowers, chili peppers, and the sun. Purchase strands of festive lights to string around the room, hang brightly colored cloth on the walls or drape them on the chairs, and you have instant ambiance. Helium filled balloons in red, green, orange and yellow colors will give the party a more festive atmosphere. Produce sections of the grocery store will yield peppers of all types to arrange on tables as centerpieces. Party favors such as brightly colored bandanas, sombrero hats and maracas can be placed in a large basket near the door. Invited guests can choose a favor as they are entering your fiesta.


You will want to purchase a couple of CD’s of Latin music to play throughout your party. The piñata is an icon of Mexican Fiestas. A brightly colored donkey or other shape, filled with age appropriate items, will be the centerpiece to the fiesta. Adults enjoy breaking the piñata as much as children, so do not exclude it from adult parties! The limbo is a “must-have” at any fiesta. For added fun, get a large sombrero or two and teach guests the Mexican Hat Dance!


There is no limit to the variety of food that you can offer at a fiesta. A buffet table would be an excellent way to display a variety of foods. Be sure to create miniature portion sizes, to allow guests your guests to taste a variety of Mexican cuisine. Fajitas, enchiladas, and chimichangas with a variety of fillings are sure to be a hit. Offer black bean soup, Mexican rice, and chili con queso on the buffet as well. Invite your guests to try the variety of gourmet salsas available at the tortilla bar that you have created. Brightly colored theme paper products can be purchased for little cost and will round out the experience for your guests. Margaritas can be made with or without alcohol and will cool the mouths of the guests who have consumed spicy foods.

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