Planning Luau Party

A luau is tremendous fun for both guests and hosts, but there are many elements that go into creating the perfect luau party. In order to throw an affair that truly speaks to Hawaiian style, take the time to think about all of those important details. The tradition of a Hawaiian luau is an ancient one that deserves some careful time and attention. Below, you will find lot of great ideas on how to make the perfect Hawaiian luau.

The Luau

Luaus are a Hawaiian tradition that includes lots of festivities, music, and unique entertainment. One of the most important aspects of a luau is the food that’s served during this type of party. Traditional food includes poi, kalua pig, poke, lomi salmon, opihi, haupia, and (believe it or not) beer.

When all of these delicacies are blended together, large celebrations tend to be hard to forget. Luaus are a great way to celebrate graduations, weddings, and even birthdays. In fact, most people that decide to host luaus don’t really need a reason to celebrate at all.

To begin planning an ideal luau, there are just a few things to consider. First and foremost, don’t forget to create a fun party atmosphere. The tips below will help you to spark excitement within your guests and create an environment that is full of great Hawaiian fun.

Planning a Luau

While you don’t have to follow these steps exactly, they can certainly make planning your own luau a bit easier. Take a few of these suggestions into consideration, leave a few behind, and create a luau that you can truly call your own.

  • Décor: Think tropical—float some hibiscus flowers in a bowl, consider island colors and think about using creatively cut fruit for your center pieces (pineapples, bananas and coconuts are ideal choices).
  • Theme: Hawaii is an island filled with crashing waves, pristine beaches, and lots of vegetation. Make sure to incorporate some of these details into your soiree.
  • Musical Details: Think steel drum and Don Ho! Fun in the sun is more enjoyable with the sounds of Hawaii accompanying your luau.

Of course, as any proper host knows, a great party is only as good as the invitations that are sent out. Carefully select the right invitations in order to convey that island feel.

Flowering Invites

Invitations that showcase all of Hawaii’s finest attributes will get the party started off with a bang. Options include invites with festive pink and turquoise flowers amidst a banana leaf, or invites that welcome your guests into a luau entrance framed with bamboo, tiki torches, and flowers.

As soon as your guest open these little invitations filled with sunshine, they will start to gear up for a festive, fun time. Keep in mind that the invitations you send out will set the mood for your party. Since you will be planning a light-hearted event, choose the perfect invites to complement this theme.

Remember that the luau needs no occasion. All you really need are friends, food, drinks great decor excellent theme and a big Hawaiian smile.

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