Wonderland Guidelines for Your Winter Wedding Invitations

Winter Wedding CoupleAre you planning on walking down the aisle in a Winter Wonderland? As the snowflakes fall, do you envision what would be your perfect wedding theme? Do you want an invitation that exudes the gorgeous, peaceful ambiance of a winter extravaganza?

A truly remarkable invitation can give guests a picture of what is yet to come without completely revealing your theme. Imagine the perfect winter setting, and you can translate this dreamy image into invitations suited just for a winter princess bride!

How to Create Magic in Your Winter Wedding Invitations

Not all winter wedding invitations share the same white color. From differences in hues and textures, you can make your wedding invitations special by considering varying ideas:

  • Winter hues can set the tone. Choose an invitation in deep forest green, dark royal blue, or rich burgundy. Use silver and gold accents to give these colors an elegant touch. Close each envelope by sealing it in wax. Use a stamp to print a design in each seal and allow it time to cool.
  • Glitter is in style, no matter what the season. Select a card that is truly glitzy. Delicate snowflakes can come to life with the right amount of sparkle. Use glitter to highlight your winter theme or chose a bold design that features it as the centerpiece. You can also pour glitter into a funnel and shower the inside of the envelope liberally.
  • Beautiful Christmas cards can be constructed to fit your December event. Don’t pass up great invitations just because they resemble Christmas cards. Find a way to tie the two together. This is especially easy to do if you plan on having your ceremony or reception in the month of December. Select a winter scene complete with horse-drawn carriage if it appeals to you. Bring your beautiful wedding and Christmas together to form a seasonal theme.
  • Winter inspiration can be found in unlikely places. Did you have a red raspberry colored scarf that you loved as a child? What about selecting a shade that matches it as the background for all your sanctimonious stationery needs? Ideas can spark out of nowhere. This truly is the time where “treetops glisten and children listen to hear sleigh bells in the snow.”
  • Look to the season’s nature inspirations. Mother Nature can be a great place for inspiration for your wedding invitations. Think about what you love most about winter – is it the ice-covered berries or reindeer moss? Consider incorporating these natural elements into your invitations and overall theme to create a naturally magical winter wonderland wedding. Birch bark, reindeer moss, and glittered berries all set a beautiful tone for your wedding.

Winter is a great season to hold a special event. From the falling snow to the magically capped trees, the setting is perfect for a princess bride. By thinking about the rich and peaceful colors of winter, as well as incorporating plenty of sparkle, a winter bride can pick wedding invitations that exude the winter wonderland magic of her upcoming wedding!

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