Methods for Determining the Sex of Your Baby In Traditional Way

Finding out the gender of your unborn baby can be extremely important to some couples They may want to narrow down their search for baby names or start decorating the nursery with baseball bats or stuffed bunnies. Baby shower guests may want to know whether to buy presents for a little girl or a little boy since that’s easier and more than trying to stay gender neutral. Of course, you can find gender neutral items available. For example, if you don’t know the sex of your baby, you might send Expecting Mom or Simple Safari baby shower invitations which don’t suggest either gender.

However, if you do what to know but you don’t want to rely on modern medicine for the answer, then here are few older ways of determining the sex of your baby ahead of time.

Chinese Lunar Calendar Method

According to the story, a Chinese scientist did research on the age of mothers and the month in which they conceived babies then drew up a chart based on those figures which helped women predict whether they would have a girl or a boy. They could even use the chart to plan when to get pregnant based on which sex they wanted to have. For example, if the woman wanted a little girl and she was 25 years old, then the chart would tell her to conceive in January, April, May, or July.

The chart is said to have been created roughly 700 years ago. Supposedly, the chart is 99% accurate based on the experiences of mothers in China. You can find it yourself here.

Old Wives’ Tales Method

During pregnancy, you’ve probably heard dozens of ideas for learning the gender of your baby in advance. For example, some people say the food cravings you are having – whether they are sweet or sour, for instance – are indicators of the sex of your baby. There are plenty of others, too:

Lots of morning sickness = girl

Dry hands = boy

Carrying the baby low = boy

Feeling moody = girl

Sleeping on your right side = girl

Feeling clumsy during pregnancy = boy

Most of these stories are just for fun and have about the same accuracy rate: they do, after all, stand a 50-50 chance of being accurate.

Swinging Chain Method

Similar to an old wives’ tale is this old fortune telling method. You take a chain and swing it over the mother’s belly, approximately where the baby is located. The direction of the swinging indicates whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. A circular swing means boy while a side to side swing means a girl. Of course, the swinging of the chain can be easily influenced by its swinger so these results should definitely not be relied on too heavily. However, the results are likely to be right in about half of all cases.

Remember these non-medical methods of determining gender may be fun, but they don’t provide conclusive evidence of the sex of your baby. Before you start painting that nursery or investing in ballet lessons, you should choose a more reliable method or just wait until the baby is born – the only 100% guaranteed method available.

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