Using Invitation Cards as Thank You Cards

Clapping ColleaguesBusiness thank you cards can improve relationships with clients, employees, and vendors, as well as help secure more customers. By thinking outside of the box, you can actually make a unique and memorable statement by using professional invitation cards as your business thank you cards.

Who Should Receive an Invitation Thank You Card?

Invitation thank you cards are usually best sent to clients or potential clients, rather than employees and vendors. An exception would be if you’re hosting an employee appreciation luncheon, dinner, or party to thank employees for their hard work. In this case, the invitation can also function as a thank you for their contributions. Clients might receive an invitation thank you card if you are planning to host an open house or a sale, where you simultaneously thank clients for their continued patronage and invite them to attend the event.

How to Use Invitation Cards as Thank You Cards

Thank you cards designed for businesses are often small and suitable for a few lines expressing gratitude, but not much else. If you are planning to send out many thank you cards to established and new clients, you might choose invitation cards instead. This way, you could lead off with a short poem or inspirational verse related to your business, and then you can proceed to thank them for their loyalty by inviting them to visit you. Usually if you provide an incentive, like a sale or a special thank you discount, you are more likely to see those clients drop by.

Corporate Thank You CardsIf your business provides a service, such as tax preparation or massage therapy, you might host an open house for customers to come by during a specific time and enjoy some refreshments and perhaps a complimentary service or consultation.

Invitation Thank You Card Tips and Ideas

Invitation thank you cards should tie in with your business, whether through your branding’s colors or an aspect of your business. For example, if you’re a massage therapist and want to invite clients and guests to an open house where you’ll offer refreshments and mini-massages, you might want to choose light blue invitation thank you cards that appear calm and peaceful, perhaps with a picture of a massage therapist relaxing a satisfied customer.

If you are a small accounting firm hosting a pre-tax event for clients and referrals, you might send business invitation thank you cards with a calendar and April highlighted. Or you can show a clock ticking, and then offer a special rate for clients bringing in their tax information early, perhaps hosting the event in February or March. This way, you get the busy tax season jumpstarted and possibly attract new clients in the process.

If you own a store or sell products or services and want to have a sale, sending invitation thank you cards to special customers with an extra discount if they bring in their card is a great way to say thanks and get customers in your door.

No matter what type of business invitation thank you card you send, as long as your customers feel appreciated, they will continue to frequent your business.

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