Writing Extra Ordinary Thank You Cards

To meet your sales quotas, you should keep your customers happy and returning for more orders. Writing business thank you cards is deeply relevant for sales people, especially in today’s competitive economy.

The Importance of Sending Sales Thank You Cards

Business thank you cards are an inexpensive yet effective method for securing repeat business and satisfying customers. Telling a customer you appreciate his business is essential if your business relies on a sales team to keep revenues strong each month.

Sales Thank You Cards Tips and Ideas

If you have customers that purchase monthly or more often, there is no need to bombard them with business thank you cards. You might send one per quarter, for example, just to remind him you appreciate his continued business. If you secure a new customer, it is vital that you get a thank you card mailed as soon as that first order arrives. In this case, it might be wise to think ahead and offer an added incentive for making the next purchase, perhaps a volume discount.

You can also let your customers know via business thank you cards of any incentive program your company offers for customer referrals. If customer A refers customer B, and customer B places an order, what will customer A receive? This could be a gift certificate, a discount on the next order, or a gift basket containing an assortment of gourmet goodies.

If your existing customer does refer a new client, it is critical to send out a business thank you card and gift immediately. Getting to know your customers is part of sales, and you should try to personalize the gift by mentioning in your business thank you card why you sent coffee beans, for example.

Sample Wording for Sales Thank You Card

You want to ensure that your sales thank you card is personalized for your industry and specific client. For example, if your company sells computer hardware and your existing client just made a large purchase, your business thank you card might read:

Dear [Client];
Thank you for your continued loyalty to Computers Plus. I am certain you will enjoy these flat screens, especially compared to what you are currently using. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance, and I look forward to serving you again.

If you have a new customer due to a referral, you will want to send a thank you card to both clients, particularly the one who sent new business your way. Your first thank you card might read:

Dear [Client];
Thank you for referring Amanda Smith to me. I met with her yesterday and am confident I can turn her investment portfolio around. I enjoyed discussing our mutual love of dark chocolate last month, so please enjoy this gift in appreciation of your referral.

Your business thank you card to the new client might sound like:

Dear [Client];
I appreciate you taking a chance with me on Jim Johnson’s recommendation. I really enjoyed speaking with you yesterday about your investment concerns and look forward to addressing them in detail at our meeting next week.

When you personalize your business thank you cards, as well as give clients a reason to return, your sales should continue to increase among satisfied clients.

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