Green Colors and Your Summer Party

Summer is just around the corner. Soon most people will be complaining about the humidity, the price of gas, the crowded tourists’ stops, and the stress of trying to fill all of that vacation time with something meaningful and enjoyable. One way to spend some of your summertime is to throw a fabulous party. And no other color fits best with a summer party than the color green. Let’s look at some reasons why green is an ideal theme for summer parties and some strategies for incorporating various shades into your amazing celebration.

Why Choose Green for Summer Parties?

Green is a powerful color – there’s no denying it. When most of us step outside, we see lots of green around us, although we often taken it for granted. The grass is green, the trees are green, the stems of flowers are green. Clearly, green is the color of nature and most summer parties are meant to celebrate nature that’s part of the reason most of them are held outdoors despite the glaring sun and the oppressive heat.

Because green is similar to blue in many ways, it is also a very calming and relaxing color. It brings to mind peaceful meadows and stress-free forests. And most of us could use quite a bit of relaxation thanks to our daily lives.

Green can also be nicely blended with lots of different colors to create different effects. For example, green matched with orange and other intense colors seems tropical and festive.

Using Green in Your Summer Parties

If you’re throwing a summer party, then green can be a wonderful color for your decorations. Obviously, if you choose an outdoor setting, you’ll probably have some natural green coloring. However, you can always add your own greenery: plants, tropical trees, bushes, etc.

Another idea is to use green colors in your invitations. The above examples would work, but so would the Tropical Floral and the Tropical Drink invitations that rely heavily on green colors to give them their beauty.

For centerpieces, you could use small bonsai trees or tiny goldfish bowls filled with green gems or rocks. Green floating candles can also be placed in shallow dishes in the centers of the tables. Green streamers are a nice and simple indoor decoration and can be picked up pretty cheaply after St. Patrick’s Day.

Green doesn’t just have to be used in your decorations, however. You could also serve green foods, such as watermelon or honeydew, or a relish tray containing celery and broccoli. Obviously, you don’t want to take that color theme too seriously and make everything green but remember to continue the theme through enough of your party elements to make it stand out to your guests.

The bottom line with a summer party is that you want to create a relaxing atmosphere your guests can sit back and enjoy. Green is a great color to help make that happen.

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