Tropical Invitations and Perfect Paradise Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Perfect ParadiseSprawling beaches with white sand and a perfect view of the sunset is the ideal vacation spot for most people who want to catch some waves, work on their tan, or forget about their troubles with a Mai Tai.

Thankfully, paradise may be more accessible than you think! With adventurous creativity, you can use your imagination to recreate Mexico or Tahiti right in your home. Host your very own “staycation” at home for a fraction of the cost of an overpriced plane ticket. In fact, you can add beauty and exoticness to your next big event by hosting a tropical birthday party for your child and all of his or her closest friends.

This guide will serve as your own personal party planner, helping you to select the perfect party invitations, refreshments, music and more! Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride because this will be one trip worth remembering!

Picture Perfect Party Invitations

Set the tone for relaxation with invitations that exude paradise. Using a parrot birthday invitation to send across your relaxing message is a great way to stir up connotations of tropical lure amongst your child’s friends.

Preparing Paradise for Partygoers

A well-planned party will go smoothly as long as you cover all the bases before the big day. These tropical ideas can help you relax in party paradise.

Purchase tropical plates, cups, and napkins at a party supply store. Use grass skirts as tablecloths to set an exotic theme.

Pick up a box of cheap, plastic leis. Present each child with one as they enter your home.

Mix up a tropical drink consisting of orange and pineapple juices and pour it into a punch bowl. Decorate the punch bowl with pineapple pieces, and serve the drinks with the classic paper umbrella garnish.

Set real pineapples as the centerpieces for the tables, and these can be given as prizes for different competitions, such as a hula hoop game or coconut bowling.

Play island-inspired music on a CD player or karaoke machine. You can pass out lyrics to encourage the children to sing along.

Use cardboard cutouts of palm trees, parrots, and tropical fish to place around the room and to use as centerpieces.

Tropical InvitationsTropical Treats

Place chunks of bananas, strawberries, and fresh pineapple on wooden skewers and have them on hand for the children to snack on. Have bowls full of macadamia nuts sitting on the table as well. Children will love trying these for the first time!

The birthday cake can be made to look like a sandal or tropical fish. You can also create a beach scene on a standard rectangular sheet cake, using green coconut shavings as grass and blue frosting for the ocean.

From tropical birthday invitations to exotic punch, you can create a relaxing vacation right in your backyard. Whether you are an amateur or an old pro when it comes to throwing parties, an afternoon in paradise will be great for celebrating your child’s special day.

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