Baby Shower Invitation Wording Samples

The baby shower invitation sets the tone for your shower, and therefore, getting the wording right is a must. There are many ways to word an invitation, especially if you are incorporating a theme into your shower. Read on for invitation wording samples suitable for many of today’s most popular themes.

What to Include on Your Baby Shower Invitations

All invitations must include: name of honoree (who is the mother-to-be unless it’s a couple’s shower, where both parents should be listed), date, time, location, name of host and RSVP information.

Although optional, the samples below all incorporate a short rhyme or verse related to the theme, as well as several wording variations for the main information. This is a fun way to tie in the invitations with your theme and get your guests in the mood for a great baby shower.

Couple’s Invitation Sample

Typically, couples baby showers are more casual in order to entice men to come. Following is a sample invitation with two different beginning rhymes.

Kate and John Smith’s
baby is on the way
Let’s get them prepared
for the big day!

Kate and John – always so cool,
We’ll see how they look
wearing baby drool!
Come help them get ready for these
things babies do,
Your guess is as good as ours –
pink or blue!
Couples Shower
Kate and John Smith

Saturday, March 9th from 6 pm to 9 pm
3226 Allen Loop
Hosted by Julia and Mark Johnson
RSVP by Feb. 28th to Julia at 555-123-4567 (phone and email are acceptable here)

Baby Boy Invitation Sample

There are many possibilities for baby showers honoring the arrival of a boy. Below are sample verses suitable for a sports theme and a verse applicable to themes such as Oh Baby, It’s A Boy, and Precious Little Prince.

Baseball, soccer, football anyone?
We better get ready ’cause Amy’s expecting a son!

Come join us at a baby shower for Amy Smith
It’s an All Star Baby Shower!
Come celebrate the newest member of the Hansen Team
A baby boy due to arrive on June 14th
Come cheer on Sarah Hansen
and her upcoming baby boy!

Saturday, May 1st
2575 Sycamore Way
Hosted by Julie Cook
RSVP to Julie at 405-555-5545

Come celebrate a precious baby dear,
But you’d better hurry ’cause he’s almost here!

Baby Girl Invitation Sample

One of the most popular themes for a baby shower for a girl is Tickled Pink. Below are two versions of invitation verses perfect for this or any other pink theme you might want to have.

We are tickled pink and happy to say
a darling baby girl is on the way!

Tiny fingers, tiny toes,
Little itty bitty clothes.
Dresses, ribbons & hair to curl,
We’re tickled pink she’s having a girl!

Twins Invitation Sample

When twins are due to arrive, the shower should be twice as fun with a twins theme. Below are three verses suitable for themes such as Double Trouble, Double the Fun, Twice as Nice, and Two are Better Than One.

Double the trouble, double the fun
Life with twins has just begun!

Double the trouble,
Double the fun,
Amy Jones is having two not one!

We are going to have DOUBLE the fun
at a Noah’s Ark Baby Shower
for Sarah Jones!

Saturday, May 1st
2575 Sycamore Way
Hosted By Julie Cook
RSVP regrets only to Julie at 405-555-5545

Winnie-the-Pooh Invitation Sample

Pooh is one of the most classic, well-loved characters since his inception in 1926. This theme lends itself to many interpretations, and below are two Pooh verses sure to get all your guests excited.

Tut! Tut! It looks like Rain!
It must be a Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower!

Something is rumbly in Jenny’s tumbly!
It’s a BABY!
Come celebrate a Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower
for Jennifer Smith

Stars and Moon Invitation Sample

Themes incorporating stars and moons can welcome either a boy or a girl. Below are several verses appropriate for any theme involving heavenly inspirations.

Twinkle, twinkle little star,
How we wonder what you are!

Hey diddle diddle, have you see Kate’s middle?
The baby will be here soon!
Twinkling stars in the heaven above
are smiling down on baby with love
Join us for a Baby Shower
honoring Kate Johnson

Seasonal Invitation Sample

One way to celebrate your baby is to have a seasonal shower depending on what month you are due. For instance, a baby due in the fall could begin the invitation with:
Come Celebrate a Cute Little Pumpkin
Adding Another Pumpkin to the Patch!

If your baby will be born during spring or summer, consider beginning your invitation with: Come Celebrate a new little blossom.

If your baby shower will fall in the month of December, consider having a Christmas baby shower, with your invitation saying:

Deck the halls with bibs & bottles,
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
‘Tis the season for a baby,
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la!

You could also consider a Valentine’s Day inspired shower in February with:

Where’s the Love?
At Jennifer Smith’s Valentine Baby Shower!
Someone Special
Someone Dear
Someone New
To Love Is Here

Sweet Pea Invitation Sample

The sweet pea theme can be adapted to incorporate a garden or flower theme and is suitable for either a boy or a girl.

Little hands, little feet
Pure and precious, and Oh So Sweet!

Come Celebrate Sarah Hansen’s Little Sweet Pea!
It’s a Baby Shower!
25 August, 2005
2575 Sycamore Way
Given By Julie Cook
RSVP to Julie at 405-555-5545

Diapers Galore Invitation Sample

Just because you need the essentials instead of cute and cuddly gifts for your baby doesn’t mean your baby shower invitations have to sound drab. Choose one of the following verses and your guests won’t mind picking up diapers and bottles instead of teddy bears and hair bows.

Bibs and bottles
Diapers and pins
A new little baby is where the fun begins!

Bottles and booties
and bibs and more,
let’s shower the baby
with gifts galore!
Please come to a baby shower for
Sally Jones
Diaper pins and bottles
Rattles and bows
these are the little things
that our new baby brings
Your invited to a Baby Shower
for Sally Jones

As long as you ensure the essential information is present on the invitation, have fun using a baby rhyme or verse to tie in your shower theme with your invitation wording. Your guests will appreciate the whimsical invitation, and you’ll have a keepsake perfect for your family scrapbook.

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