Luau Birthday Party Theme

Luau Birthday InvitesRich in culture and full of beautiful customs, Hawaii is a popular destination spot for tourists and honeymooners alike. With its crystal-clear water and warm, tropical climate, visitors can soak up the sun or catch a wave off the shores of one of the state’s many beautiful beaches. Travelers delight when they are made a part of Hawaiian ceremonies. You can create this delightful environment by incorporating the state into your theme for your child’s next birthday party. Learn more about our 50th state by hosting a Hawaiian Luau for your child and all of his or her friends.

Shoes and Shirts Required

No tropical paradise could be complete without the right kind of invitation. Why not choose stationery that can be used for both male and female guests? Children can imitate the boys and girls featured on the luau floral printed invitation by wearing their very own Hawaiian shirts.

An inviting greeting will convey the theme of the party in a few simple sentences. Consider writing the following message on the inside of the cards:
“Pack your bags and wear your brightest Hawaiian shirt! We’re heading off to paradise to celebrate (Your Child’s Name)’s Birthday!”
Make sure to let parents know in advance to dress their children accordingly. Bright colored t-shirts and sandals will also be acceptable if the family does not have access to a Hawaiian shirt.

Before Sunset

Prepare your yard accordingly. Set up inflatable palm trees and use real pineapples for centerpieces. If you can locate miniature surfboards, they can double as table décor and party favors.

Tropical flowered cups, plates, and napkins can be bought at a party supply store, as well as grass skirts and cardboard cutouts of Hula Dancers.

Sort out a box of leis according to color. Stash each group in a plastic grocery bag for safe keeping. Children are particular about what colors they like, so this gesture will save both your mind and sanity. Hand out leis according to each boy and girl’s preference.

Gather up a collection of beach inspired music. Have the disc on play throughout the course of the party. Children will have a blast singing and dancing to the songs.

Purchase a coconut and wash out ten plastic two-liter soda pop bottles. Use the items to form a very inexpensive bowling set. The kids will enjoy “Coconut Bowling.” Make sure you have a few prizes ready to award to the best bowlers.

Set up an area with two or three Hula Hoops. Teach the children how to wiggle their hips to keep the hoop rolling. Turn on hula music and challenge the kids to see who can hula to the songs for the longest period of time.

Tropical Treats

Serve fruity drinks in plastic coconut cups. Have skewers of pineapple and strawberries available for the guests to nibble on.
Cut a square cake into the shape of a surfboard. Decorate the cake with personal touches that are meant to impress your child. Let your imagination be the guide as you travel on this wild ride.

Hang loose or hang ten by hosting a party erupting with style. From hula dancer invitations to coconut bowling, your child will thank you for years to come.

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