Beach Inspired Birthday Party Ideas

Beach Ball BirthdayCrashing waves, a salty breeze, warm sand: what could be a better place to host your birthday party than at the beach? What better way to announce the celebration than with beach-inspired invitations?

Beach Ball Birthday

There are many activities that are centered around the beach, whether it’s building sand castles, body surfing or collecting sea shells. This year, why not send invitations with a sand-colored background? Then, invite your guests to bring any type of ball associated with the beach. This could be a volleyball, bocce ball or paddle ball. Then, have fun creating games out of the balls that everyone brought, perhaps rewarding the most creative ball there.

Of course, if your favorite thing to do at the beach is participate in a rousing game of beach volleyball, send invitations with a volleyball net stretched across golden sand, with the sea in the background. Let your guests know that a birthday game of volleyball will be the focal point of the party. You could even pit guys against girls if the numbers will work out.

Beach Games

With wide open stretches of sand, the beach is a perfect place to engage in various games, whether you want to have a beach tournament with different game choices or a simple game of bocce ball with friends. The beach lends itself to a relaxed, casual party, so throwing in some fun games will only enhance the party atmosphere.

Try setting up an adult scavenger hunt, dividing guests into teams and giving them a series of clues and a list of various items to locate. You could have teams try and collect various objects from other people on the beach. You could also ask guests to bring a digital camera and have teams take pictures of certain items, for instance taking a picture of the house with no shutters. You could marry this with invitations featuring a magnifying glass or a silhouette of Sherlock Holmes to get people in the mood.

Backyard Beach Party

Perhaps you don’t live near a beach. Well, bring the beach home by creating one in your own backyard. You could still send invitations with pictures of the ocean or a beach chair and umbrella by the sea.

Ask people to wear beach attire or to bring a swimsuit. Fire up the grill for a beach barbeque and, if you don’t have a pool in your backyard, blow up several baby pools to create various private beaches. You can even post signs naming them, such as Pirates Cove. Blow up some beach balls, set up tables with colorful umbrellas, and pick up some sand to spread out in a section of the backyard near the private beaches or pool, or use a sandbox if you have one. Guests will enjoy lounging in the water and then sinking their toes into warm sand.

Consider playing ocean sounds so guests can hear waves crashing and sea gulls crowing. You can still play your favorite beach games in your backyard like bocce ball, paddle ball, or even volleyball if you have the room.

However you take advantage of the beach, your birthday party is sure to be a crashing success.

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