Little Princess Birthday Party, Hosting Princess Tea Party

What little girl doesn’t like to feel like a pretty princess? This is something that you feel early on in childhood and that feeling may carry on into your life as well. That feeling of beauty and sophistication is something every little girl feels and captures at some point in her childhood. This usually involves a whole lot of dress-up and of course some very elegant and well planned out tea parties. This is practically a rite of passage when it comes to a little girl’s childhood, and parents share in this beloved tradition with them.

So what better for the theme of your little girls’ birthday than a princess tea party? Not only is this something that all the little girls will love, but it’s actually quite easy to plan as a parent. This is loads of fun for the kids, and of course tends to be pretty fun for the parents as well!

Invites and Dress Up

Every little girl loves to dress up, and a princess tea party provides the perfect opportunity for them to do just that. Be sure when you send out the invitations that the little guests know that this is an occasion to dress up for. Tell them to come dressed up in their cutest attire, as a fairy or princess, and of course offer up some nice accessories for them at the party.

Early to mid-afternoon is a perfect time to start the party. Once they show up in their finest, have an area designated for them to dress up in play jewelry, crowns, boas, and any other accessories fitting for a princess. Playing dress up is a must at this party ‘ and you can turn it into one of the festive activities that all the girls get to participate in.

Pretty, Pretty, Everywhere

It goes without saying that the setting has to be something fit for royalty. This means that you need to incorporate a whole lot of pink and purple throughout the party venue. Think of big fluffy decorations, crowns, jewels and that sort of thing. This is a special occasion and is being celebrated in an elegant setting, so the environment must reflect that. Of course, it doesn’t have to be expensive – the kids’ imaginations will turn plastic party supplies into silverware and crown jewels!

For the set-up, start with the table and work outward. The actual tea party will take place at this table. Decorate it with plenty of paper or fabric lace and other beautiful ‘flowy’ materials. Consider a big crown for a centerpiece for which you can put the teapot. Place ribbons, balloons and other sparkling decor around the room (or garden) to complete the look.

Serving Up the Tea and Other Goodies

Though adults may enjoy sipping a cup of tea, this isn’t necessarily going to be a favorite among the little ones. It all depends on the age of your guests. Consider purchasing or borrowing a beautiful and ornate tea pot, but fill it with something that they are bound to like. Go the route of a delicious hot chocolate (if in winter) or a fruit punch or iced tea in the summer or outdoors. If they are a bit older you can always brew up a gentle tea like chamomile or lemon, but have other drinks available.

Foods to serve should be light and dainty fingerfoods. Served just like afternoon tea, they are meant to tide you over until dinner. Some examples include:

  • Simple sandwiches such as ham, turkey, tuna, egg or jam, and then cut into small pieces – remove the crusts (and dry them for bread crumbs in the future.) Try using a cookie cutter to get some cute shapes to serve.
  • Veggies and dip – again, cut the veggies into small pieces
  • Cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches – salt the cucumbers to soften them for 10 minutes, then rinse. Try rolling and cutting them. For something different, try flat bread or tortillas
  • Fruit with a marshmallow dip in a beautiful pink hue
  • Scones with jam

Give each girl their own ornate plate with cookies and a cupcake to celebrate the special girl’s birthday! This makes for the perfect occasion, and the guest of honor is sure to feel like a princess as she enjoys the ultimate tea party with all of her friends!

Written by Chris Molnar, a work-at-home Dad serving two little princesses and one queen. Chris is a writer and the editor of, a website filled with ideas and themes for parties and party planning. Search for ideas on baby showers, kid’s birthday parties, sporting events and holidays.

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