Summer Birthday Party Tips and Ideas

Flip Flop Summer Party InvitationsThe summer months often send people on family vacations to theme parks, or simply to the neighborhood pool to cool off. If you are one of many who enjoy a summer birthday, don’t allow impending travel plans to cool off your plans for a birthday party.

Scare Away Evil Spirits

The Europeans began the tradition of hosting birthday celebrations, but not for the reasons you might assume. The ancient Europeans believed very strongly in evil spirits. They especially subscribed to the belief that you were most susceptible to them on your birthday. The solution? Have a party, invite everyone you know, and hope that all the people’s positive thoughts and goodwill wishes would scare away the spirits.

Use Themes to Entice Guests

Despite a birthday in July, plan a party and invite friends and family, even if some might be away on vacation. You could even send invitations with ghosts on them and invite family and friends to come celebrate your birthday and scare away evil spirits for another year.

You could also plan a party that highlights the decade you were born. This could translate to a rock and roll fifties party with a picture of Elvis on the invitations, or a swinging sixties party with colorful psychedelic invitations. Invite your guests to dress for the decade of their birth and have fun guessing the year. This is especially interesting if there are a wide range of ages. If you don’t wish to emphasize the year you were born, you could have a summer fiesta party and send invitations with colorful sombreros or chili peppers.

If it will be hotter than blazes, consider a western theme. You can send birthday invitations with cowboy hats and boots with spurs. Ask everyone to dress in western attire, but keep a supply of straw cowboy hats for those who might not dress up. Decorate tables with bandanas and fringed tablecloths, and set up a couple of horseshoe pits for guests to test their western skills.

Create A Summer Vacation

When planning a summer party, keep in mind that while some people always take a summer vacation, while others rarely get the opportunity. With this in mind, create a destination in your own backyard. If you have a pool, invite guests to a luxury resort-style birthday pool party. Send invitations with a swimming pool set against palm trees to evoke that vacation feel.

You could host your party at a local park, especially if you live near mountains or a lake. The weather is often cooler and this will feel like a summer camping trip, complete with nature hikes or fishing in the lake followed by a barbeque-style meal.

If you live near a beach, this is a great time to have a beach party. You could set up a volleyball net and rotate teams or play a game of bocce ball. If children will be present, send them on a sea shell hunt while the adults mingle or play a game.

Hosting an exciting, themed summer birthday party will create wonderful memories for you and just might keep family and friends home to enjoy it with you and scare all evil spirits away.

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