Quinceanera Birthday Party Celebrations

Quinceanera PartyQuinceanera is a special party to celebrate a girl’s 15th birthday. The party is meant to signify the transition into womanhood for the girl. Traditionally, the girl wore a white gown and was transported by a limo or other luxurious transportation – it was a huge moment for the young girl.

Today, some girls are looking for something a little less traditional with their Quinceanera parties and are choosing themes for their big events instead. That doesn’t mean the parties require less planning though – most parents still start planning their daughter’s special day when she turns fourteen. It does mean that the girl and her parents are going to be looking for more creative and less traditional options.

If the girl is lucky enough to celebrate her Quinceanera during the summer, you could choose a tropical theme for the party. Rent a local pool or use your own pool as a location. Send out invitations picturing palm trees, ocean scenes, tropical flowers, or images from Hawaii or other exotic spots. Decorate using bamboo torches and stringed lights. If you have a problem with mosquitoes, you may also want to burn some citronella candles to keep them away.

For food, you could prepare island foods, such as roasted pork, or have the meal catered with a tropical menu. While the pool itself would provide plenty of entertainment, you could also hire a deejay or live band to perform Caribbean music.

Not all girls want to stray that far from tradition. In fact, some love the idea of being treated like a princess for an entire day so much they actually want that to be the theme of their party. A number of online party stores provide the supplies you would need to turn any party room into a fairytale castle.

For the invitations, you could choose pictures of castles, crowns, or anything that might bring to mind the elegance of a princess. As for transportation, you could hire a horse and carriage instead of a limo to continue the theme.

Of course, not all Quinceanera themes have to be elaborate. Some girls simply want a theme that reflects their interests, possibly roses, doves, or butterflies. Choosing invitations to match these themes should be easier than most, especially if you are looking for pre-printed card stock paper. You could also use stencils to add the appropriate decorations to high quality blank paper.

All of the decorations should reflect the birthday girl’s chosen theme. For example, you might want to use roses as centerpieces on all of the tables and cover the aisles in rose petals. If the choice is butterflies, you could purchase plain white tablecloths then paint them with brightly colored butterflies yourself – or you could hire a professional to do the job for you.

Nothing would be more special at the end of a dove-themed party, then an actual dove release. These are available in many cities and are popular at weddings.

If none of those themes seem quite right, then why not use the girl’s favorite color as the party’s focus. Let all of the guests know what the chosen color is so they can wear it as part of their party attire. Make sure all of the decorations and, of course, the invitations match the theme. If you’re worried about overdoing a single color, choose two or use white as a second color.

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