Dress Up Birthday Party Celebrations

Dress Up PartyNeed to plan a birthday party for your daughter? Short on cash? Then, have I got the party for you. Here’s the perfect girly party on the perfect budget.

First, get the perfect inexpensive invitations. We have a great die cut invitation called “Dress Up”. You can print your invitations yourself on your printer, saving money rather than buying professionally printed invites.

Second, create a dress up trunk. Scour your attic and those of your parents and friends for old clothes, shoes, hats and feather boas. (Older people have the best stuff.) Do this ahead of time for two reasons:

  • If you don’t find enough by scouring other peoples’ closets, you’ll have time to go to some secondhand stores if need be.
  • Some of the clothes may need to be washed or at least hung out in the fresh air so that they smell good.

Next, buy some inexpensive lipstick and blush for the girls. If you buy makeup made for children, you’ll spend less money. I recommend buying a tube of lipstick for each guest and letting them take it home. (If you have a friend who sells makeup, she might be able to give you samples or full size lipsticks that have passed their expiration dates.)

Now, plan your menu. A tea party menu is perfect. Let the girls get all dressed up and sit down to tiny tea sandwiches, scones and muffins. A birthday cake in the shape of a teapot, hat or crown would be a great dessert for this theme. Once the eating and drinking is over, the girls can find a whole new outfit and start over. If you’ve got lots of donated clothes, you might consider letting your guests go home all dressed up.

If you’d like to make favor bags, buy plain white lunch bags and a “kiss/lips” stamp. Stamp the bags all over with lipstick kisses and fill them with tiny mirrors, combs, brushes, their lipsticks and some candies. Be sure to take lots of pictures to send to guests later (perhaps enclosed in thank you notes).

This is such a fun party for little girls. You’ll find no easier or more pleasing birthday party for your daughter.

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