Host a Pool Party with little cost and effort!

Pool PartyYou don’t need to own a pool to host a party. Consider renting a nearby facility for an afternoon of fun for people of all ages!


Most everyone loves to go to a pool party! Purchase creative invitation cards that cause the recipient to be anticipating the fun! Stationary with pictures of people swimming, playing water volleyball and sitting near the pool will all stir excitement amongst the invited guests. Be sure to put the date and time on the invitation, as well as a rain date if an outdoor party is planned. Remind guests to bring swimwear, lifejackets for younger kids and flip flops for use around the pool.


The pool itself provides the basis for the majority of activities for your party. All you need to do to ensure that your invited guests have a great time is to provide water “toys”. Go to the local department store and stock up on water guns, rings, basketball and volleyball games, floats and the like. Your guests will entertain themselves. Be sure to have extra towels on hand for guests who may need it! Another fun activity is to provide underwater cameras to be used by the guests and then developed later.


The pool area can be left plain or decorated with patio lights and torches. Decorative trees with twinkle lights are also beautiful with the water reflecting. Well placed potted flowers add splashes of color around the poolside. If it is an outdoor pool, your guests will be thankful for citronella candles that keep mosquitoes away. Be sure to provide chairs and benches for your guests to sit on that will not be harmed if water gets on them, in well placed areas that will not restrict the flow of traffic on the deck. If the party will be out of doors during the daytime, providing waterproof sunscreen for the guests and shaded areas will be appreciated.


It is always a good idea to use plastic when serving guests around the pool area. (Slippery surfaces could result in glass breakage and wet hands and surfaces will cause problems if using paper products.) Party supply stores offer a wonderful variety of summer theme drink glasses and umbrellas to make sipping lemonade more fun. You might consider having a blender set up in the area and offering slushy fruit drinks. A cooler or tub filled with iced bottles of water and soft drinks would be welcomed by your guests.


If you will be serving snack foods, remember to consider which foods will be sensitive to the extra moisture and heat. Potato chips will quickly become stale, as will crackers.

Another option would be to offer a meal or a snack at a specific time, rather than having them set out for a number of hours. Planning a poolside Barbecue is the most popular and easiest meal to provide to your guests. Be sure that all foods are stored properly, eaten promptly, and the leftovers are immediately put into the refrigerator.

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