Jewelry Birthday Party Theme

Jewelry PartyLittle girls love jewelry. If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to celebrate your daughter’s birthday this year, consider a “make your own jewelry” party. There are a couple of ways to handle this party, depending upon how much effort you want to put into it. This party is best for girls at least six years old.

If you want to make this party nearly effortless, see if there’s a bead studio in your area. These are much like the “paint your own pottery” studios that are so popular, except that instead of painting pottery, the guests make jewelry. The studio provides all the supplies for a set fee per participant. Your guests will be given options of what piece of jewelry they’d like to make based on your chosen package. With this option, the studio workers help the girls make their jewelry, so you don’t have to manage a large group of eight year old girls, who all need help at once.

Some studios may have a facility that allows you to have food and drinks right at the studio. If not, plan to spend an hour or so at the jewelry studio and then come back home for cake and ice cream.

If you want to host the entire party at home, visit a beading store to buy your supplies. You may also want to purchase some books that give directions on how to make each piece. Just like at a studio, you’ll need to let girls choose from just a couple of pieces to make, to minimize the supplies you need.

Enlist some help from your friends, or mothers of your guests to ensure that the girls have ample assistance.

Once the girls are all decked out in their finery, serve cake and ice cream.

This party is simple to plan as long as you have enough help to execute the actual jewelry making. Your daughter and your guests will love creating their own unique piece of jewelry.

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