Rollerblading Birthday Party Theme

RollerbladingIf skating around the neighborhood is your kid’s favorite pastime, considering having a rollerblading party for his or her birthday. A rollerblading partyis easy to plan and you have a built in activity!

Send out invitations about two weeks before the party. Check our web-site to see some great choices in birthday party invitations.

Next, plan your location. If you have enough pavement around your house, or if you live in a cul de sac, you may be able to have it right at home. Consider some skating games to keep the activity going. You can draw a rollerblading course, on the pavement with chalk for the kids to follow. Or, if your guests are more advanced skaters, set up ramps of varying heights to make the course more challenging. Hold contests to see who can jump the furthest, the highest and who can rollerblade backward the longest. Your kids will be able to help you come up with other contests.

If you don’t have the space at your house for skating, you may be able to hold the birthday party at a local skate park. These parks have ramps and half pipes and cater to skaters and skateboarders. Some have picnic shelters and will let you reserve a table for your party. You’ll have to pay admission to the park for your guests, so check and see if they have party packages or group discounts.

Safety is paramount at this party. Make certain that all skaters are wearing helmets and protective gear. In addition, if you do decide to use your cul de sac for the party, let the neighbors know in advance and set up orange cones to keep the kids safe from traffic.

If you’re holding your entire party outside, set up a table or two and put out some heavy snacks. Think round – wheels of cheese with round crackers, round cookies and pizza are all good choices. You can make a rollerblade cake by beginning with a sheet cake and cutting it into the shape of a skate. Or, just make and frost a sheet cake and then set up a series of ramps and skaters on the top to simulate a skate course.

You’ll need lots of drinks for this party. Consider how much you think they’ll drink and then double that amount! Fill an ice chest with bottled water, sports drinks and sodas.

If you have a teen or pre-teen son, he and his friends will love this party. It’s simple to plan and fun for all guests!

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