Zoo Birthday Party Theme

Zoo PartyFor birthdays, invite all people who are most important in the life of the child. Parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins should be included on the family list. Inviting friends gets a little more complicated. You will need to decide how many friends should be invited. It works best to have a small number, between 3-5 friends or classmates. You should also request that the parents stay at the party, to supervise their children under age 10. Their presence will free you up to host the party.

The zoo theme would also be a great one to use as a beginning of summer party, or to break the cabin fever in the winter. It would also be appropriate as a send off for students studying zoology in college!


Invitations should express the personality of the child and the theme of the party! A zoo theme offers a plethora of options for stationery to purchase to print your own invitation cards, or invitations that are already created for you.

Decorating for the Party

The wonderful thing about a Zoo theme is that you will have endless ideas of how to decorate. Zoos are brightly colored. Therefore, multiple colors of colored streamers can be used to hang from ceilings, wrap around chairs, decorate table, create bars across windows etc. Gather as many stuffed animals as you can find and position them throughout the party area. Let your imagination be your guide. Those you have invited will enjoy seeing a stuffed monkey hanging from your tree, or a polar bear sitting in your tub, or a gorilla facing out a window with bars on it! There are paper products that can be purchased at stationery stores that have zoo scenes on them. You could consider offering a variety of plastic animal faced masks for guests to choose from upon entering the zoo. A variety of tiny, stuffed animals can be offered for guests to choose from as they leave the party.


The cake is central to the party. At a zoo theme party, you could choose just one animal or several to put atop the cake. Plastic zoo animals can be used for those not wanting to elaborately decorate. Add popcorn served in bags, cups of peanuts still in the shells (check for nut allergies), and ice cream on a stick. Slices of pizza would also be a hit.


Games such as Zoo Tycoon would be a hit with anyone ages 6 and up. You could have an afternoon of watching themed movies, if children are older and will sit still. Another fun idea is to ask 2 guests to volunteer to be “gorillas”, and sit in cages. Children can count off into teams and then feed their gorilla a banana. First gorilla done the banana (no hands) wins for the team. A piñata, in the shape of a favorite zoo animal, will complete your party fun!

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