Sweet Sixteen Invitations Wording Etiquette

Your sweet sixteen is an important birthday milestone and should be celebrated accordingly. Most often, a big birthday party ensues with a fun theme and beautiful sweet sixteen birthday invitations. It’s important, when deciding on your sweet sixteen birthday invitation wording, to make sure you follow a few simple etiquette rules.

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Invitation Wording: What to Include

Etiquette dictates that any invitation, including a sweet sixteen birthday invitation, must clearly state its intentions. You must feature the birthday girl’s name so that guests immediately understand who the party is for and don’t have to guess. Also, the names of the hosts, usually the parents, should be listed in addition to the time, location and date.

When stating the location, provide an address (including zip code) so guests can easily find the party. Also, including RSVP information, such as a phone number and email address, is advised for an accurate headcount. If you choose, you may enclose reply cards. If you do, then simply ask guests to respond by a certain date.

You may include a poem or rhyming verse to introduce the wording, as exampled below. You can choose a special verse that has personal meaning or select from the wide variety provided by stationers that you can easily modify to suit your personality. This is often the way to lighten the mood and personalize the sweet sixteen birthday invitation. If you’re celebrating with a theme that requires guest participation, such as a Halloween sweet sixteen costume party, then mention this as well, or you might be the only one dressed up!

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Invitation Wording: What Not to Write

As long as you cover the basics mentioned above, you’ll be fine. What you should never include is a request, no matter how obtuse, for gifts. You can’t mention that you prefer money of material items, ask guests to contribute towards a new car, or mention your favorite store. The only way to mention gifts is to request that none be brought.

If you’re using photo cards as sweet sixteen birthday invitations, then make sure the photo you choose isn’t racy or inappropriate, but one you and your parents will be proud to look back on years later.

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Invitation Wording Samples

The following wording samples show the possibilities for the introductory wording for sweet sixteen birthday invitations. You would simply add the missing party details, such as location and RSVP information, below the wording.

An Enchanted Moment that is the Scene,
Our Princess Sally is Sweet Sixteen!
The Magnificent Day is Here at Last,
Dinner & Dancing, a Dynamic Blast!
You are cordially invited
to this joyous occasion for
Sally Smith

Sally Smith
is celebrating her
Sweet Sixteen Birthday
Let’s help her celebrate
on Saturday, June 16th, 2010
at 5:00 p.m.

Levantes Restaurant will
be the scene
to celebrate Sally’s Sweet 16
Friday, June 30th is the date
the party starts at 7, so
don’t be late!

Follow these simple etiquette guidelines and your sweet sixteen birthday party will be a sweet success!

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