Rocking Hannah Montana Birthday Party Theme

Pop Star InviteTeen actress and pop star Miley Cyrus knows just how difficult leading a double life can be. In her hit series, Disney’s Hannah Montana, the 15-year-old superstar plays an average teenage girl who spends her nights moonlighting as a wildly successful rock star. Girls of all ages have seen Cyrus’ films, been in the audience at one of her concerts, and own at least one piece of Hannah Montana merchandise, whether in the form of a t-shirt, doll, or electric guitar.

Chances are that you can sing every Miley Cyrus tune word for word if you have a young daughter. Why not throw a party for your child that is centered on the teen singing sensation?

A Star Studded Invitation Can Serve As Inspiration

Fit for all budding musicians, a hot pink electric guitar birthday party invitation set against a turquoise background and adorned with pink and purple stars will play to the crowd.

A creative message written inside will inspire children to attend the party and write a few songs of their own.
“Join Hannah Montana and her friends in celebrating (Your Child’s Name)’s (Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Etc.) Birthday. Grab your guitar and microphones and get ready for your chance at rock star mayhem!”

Dress Rehearsal

Purchase posters of Miley and hang them around the room. Decorate the party room in rock star colors like pink, purple, turquoise, and silver. Match up the colors on the invitation with paper plates, cups, and napkins bearing Hannah Montana.

Cut out stars from cardboard and spray paint them with silver glitter to truly create a rock stage affair. Dangle silver stars from the ceiling and buy inflatable electric guitars to award as prizes to partygoers.

Glue guitar picks to barrettes or pin backs to make a one-of-a-kind party favor for your guests. If your daughter is older, you can even create a Hannah Montana-inspired craft for all the guests to enjoy at the party. Buy an abundance of guitar picks and pre-drill small holes on the top each one. Purchase sets of earring holders and let the girls create their own rock-inspired earrings. They can even be creative and create bracelets and necklaces.

Obtain a copy of the Hannah Montana Movie and have an adult stand by to start and stop the DVD once the children are finished watching it. Or, if you would rather, rent a copy of Guitar Hero or Dance, Dance, Revolution from a video store and let the children battle it out in a friendly competition of talents.

Rocking Refreshments for All of Your A-List Guests

No rock star party can be complete without a variety of kid-friendly munchies chosen specifically to fit the theme.
Pop Rocks are a favorite among Pop Stars. So are candy necklaces and bracelets. Gummy guitars are hip too. Individual bottles of Orange Soda and Root Beer are an easy way to clean up, while still setting the “grown up” rock star theme. Just make sure that you set up a place to recycle all that plastic! You can serve these sweet treats just as soon as the party begins.

A round cake in any flavor can be decorated to look like a record or CD very easily. You can purchase fondant at a party supply store or use regular icing and candy to create a truly sensational dessert. Of course, if your budget allows, you can purchase a guitar-shaped cake mold to create a rocking cake, complete with pink and purple icing decorations to truly exude the Hannah Montana style.

Give your child the time of her life by hosting an event worthy of the Rock Roll Hall of Fame, and she’ll be talking about it for years to come. From the guitar pick presents to the rock star birthday party invitations, you will throw the ultimate rock party of the year!

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