Cheerleader Birthday Party Theme

CheerleaderYour little girl will “cheer” when she hears the news about the special theme party you’re planning to throw for her next birthday. Gather up all her closest friends and form a “pep squad” by hosting a cheerleading extravaganza in her honor. She will squeal with excitement once she learns what a crowd pleasing event it will be.

Rouse Spectators the Right Way

Cheerleaders know how to get the crowd excited. Your job as Coach is to get the squad ready for the big day. Choosing great birthday stationery is first on the agenda. Make your child the center of attention by choosing the perfect invitation. Why not set the tone with a die cut cheerleader with movable head? Little girls will love playing with this paper doll. Party instructions can be printed on the girl’s uniform.

Make sure to include the place of the event and the time that the party ends so parents will make arrangements to pick up their children.

Practice Makes Perfect

Any professional athlete will agree that “practice makes perfect” so don’t be caught off guard by not planning ahead.
This kind of celebration should be held outdoors where the girls can practice without running into each other or tumbling into your precious valuables.

You’ll be on spot by taking the time to select the suitable party decorations. Have your child choose a combination of her two favorite colors and then decorate your “arena” in perfect sync. Use colorful team pennants, glittery streamers, and balloons to create a cheerful atmosphere for all of your guests.

Take a big sheet of paper and decorate it. Have your daughter and her friends run through like they do at real football games.
Purchase plastic whistles and megaphones in bulk and give them to the girls as party favors. Purchase heart shaped candies and set them in bowls for the girls to nibble on.

Create colorful pom poms by cutting crepe paper into strips and taping them to wooden dowels. The guests can use these when they practice their cheer later into the party.

You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

Forgo serving traditional cake and serve an even sweeter treat instead. Purchase gallons of ice cream so that each guest can create their very own sundae with all the toppings. Have containers full of sprinkles, chopped walnuts, chocolate chips, marshmallows, flavored syrups, whipped cream and maraschino cherries to top things off.

Serve fruit punch or drinks that are ultimately cheery like Cherry Flavored Kool-Aid. Or, opt for Gatorade, which is what “real” cheerleaders drink at football games.

It’s All Fun and Games

Have your daughter create a cheer and teach it to her friends. Hand out pom poms to each girl and have them practice a couple of times before performing. When everyone is ready, have the squad perform in front of the adults at the party. Reward the girls with an ear deafening round of applause.

You will flip when you see how inexpensive it is to throw a great party like this one. From the cheerleading invitations to the megaphones, your little superstar will thank you time and time again for being such a fantastic coach!

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