Promote Your Business with Graduation Open House Invitations

Do you plan to host a graduation open house for yourself or one of your children? It may not seem like it could work, but you can actually promote your business when you have an open house. You can start the promotion with something as simple as mention that the open house is being hosted by your business. This will definitely get the attention of those that receive the invites and could easily bring some businessyour way.

You don’t want your open house invitation to be all about promoting your business, but there are subtle ways to bring your business into the mix and let people know about it. You can make it as simple as working it into the wording saying something like, “Your Business Name and the Graduate Cordially Invite you to a Graduation Open House,” or something like that. This will let people know that the business is sponsoring or hosting the open house, and this will undoubtedly have people asking questions.

Another thing that you can do is have a traditional open house invitation and then at the bottom notate that the open house is being hosted by your company, even asking for RSVP’s to be called in or mailed to the company address. This is another really low profile way to introduce company information and have people start asking questions. You may only get one or two people at the open house that need your services, but that is one or two more people than you had before!

After you have promoted through the invitations you should then see if you can’t take it a step further. If your office has a large meeting space, why not host the open house in the company establishment? This will give you even more of an opportunity to possibly make some business connections while hosting a very professional and enjoyable graduation open house!

If you are the graduate and you are also trying to promote your business you could mention in the invitation that you are having a graduation open house and a jump start for your new career or business. This will also have people interested in exactly what you are doing, and will undoubtedly bring you some potential clients when they learn what your next step in life will be.

As you can see, there are many different ways in which you can promote your business without being to overt about it. If people feel you are trying to promote your business they may feel a bit put off by it, which is why it is important to keep it really low key and emphasis the graduation open house first and foremost. If you do it right, you can get a lot of business in return! If you are in doubt take some time to plan the invitation by experimenting with wording, clip art, and other details such as where you will host the open house.

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