Ocean Birthday Party Theme

Tropical OceanThere’s an ocean full of ideas designed to help you plan your child’s birthday party, but many of the themes are expensive. The last time you threw a lavish event, it cost you dearly in both time and money. The worst part was your son or daughter didn’t fully appreciate the theme or all of the work you put into planning it.

Rather than make the same mistake twice, why not transform your backyard into a sea-inspired wonderland complete with authentic marine life? Kids love oceanic inspiration, and this type of party is not only fun for kids, but easy for you to plan!

Snorkel seaside with snails, dolphins, sharks, and tropical fish at an ocean-inspired beachcomber’s party designed to delight children of all ages.

Sample “sea food,” scoop up “sea shells,” and avoid getting “sea sick” by using this guide as it assists in planning a perfect seafarer’s party. “Sea” what the party is about by following each step listed in “seaquential” order throughout this page.

Selecting the Perfect Stationery without Having to Sail the Seven Seas to Find It

Ahoy mate! Look no further! The perfect stationery exists and it’s right under your nose. How about sending out a submarine to welcome your guests? Don’t have the room to store such a machine in your garage or backyard? No worries! The submarine printed on the invitations will be a real crowd pleaser without taking up so much space. Turquoise blue in color and mobile, children will have fun wiggling the watercraft back and forth as it passes by fish at the bottom of the ocean.

Preparing Your Beach Bungalow for Beach Bums

Life’s a beach, but party planning doesn’t have to be! Do yourself a favor and simplify the process by purchasing everything that you need in advance.
A sample party supply list includes:

  • Plates, cups, and napkins with an ocean theme.
  • Plastic cutlery.
  • Dolphin or other marine life printed plastic tablecloths.
  • Several bags of seashells.
  • Plastic sand pails to use as centerpieces and party favors.
  • Inflatable beach balls.
  • Strands of fake pearls.
  • A Virtual Aquarium DVD.

Decorate your house with these inexpensive, yet fun items. Transform a piece of furniture by covering it in brightly colored beach towels. Fill the sand pails full of candy and small prizes and set them aside to give away as party favors.
Stick the DVD that you purchased into the player and transform your television set into virtual tropical fish aquarium.

Sea Food

Stick with your theme and serve Goldfish Crackers in a variety of flavors. Blue colored drinks resemble ocean water and quickly quench thirst. Buy individuals bottles or mix up a pitcher yourself for pennies on the dollar.

Cakes can be made to resemble any aspect of marine life. Why not let the picture on the invitation inspire you to make a submarine cake? Simply make a sheet cake and use your knife to cut out the submarine shape. Yellow frosting creates the perfect color, while Lifesavers candies can be used to make portholes in the vessel.

Rise above the surface and plan a perfect event for your child today. From the ocean invitations to the sand buckets, your efforts won’t go unnoticed this time!

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