Pokemon Birthday Party Theme

Yellow BallonJoin the Pokémon cast of Ash Ketchum, Charmander, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle in wishing your son or daughter a very happy birthday!

Children of all ages love Anime. Why not incorporate the two loves into a Pokémon-inspired theme party for your child and all of his or her closest friends? You will have fun learning more about these beloved characters and planning an event that utilizes the hit TV series in new and inventive ways.

Animated Invitations

Select stationery that features your child’s favorite characters from the animated series. On the birthday invitation, keep with the Pokémon theme and include the words, “I choose you….to attend (Your Child’s Name) birthday party!”

Slip a package of Pokémon cards in each invitation for a special surprise. Ask parents to remember to send the cards with their children on the day of the party. The idea of playing the card game with friends will excite the boys and girls greatly.

Praiseworthy Party Planning

With the Pokémon theme in mind, it is fun and easy to decorate your house accordingly. Create Pokeballs with red construction paper or poster board and hang them with clear fishing wire from the ceiling. Coupling these Pokeballs with red, yellow, and black streamers and balloons can turn any place into Pokémon heaven.

When the children arrive, you can give them “Pokémon trainer” name tags, which will be very exciting before the game. Set up tables and chairs so the children will have a place to use their Pokémon cards. Cover the tables with bright colored yellow plastic tablecloths and place Pokémon figurines in the middle of each to double as inexpensive centerpieces and prizes for the winners of the card game.

Have an adult supervise the children who are waiting for their turn to play the game by popping a Pokémon DVD into the player. This simple act will eliminate fussing and give the children who don’t want to play the game something fun to do.

You can also play Pokémon bingo at the party, which will appeal to all partygoers. Using bingo templates, hand out Pokémon stickers to mark the numbers that are called. The winner of Pokémon bingo can win cards or Pokémon figurines.

Sincerely Satisfying Snacks

Crackers and cheese, pretzel rods, and assorted nuts make easy-to-prepare and healthy snacks for the hungry bunch. Individual juice boxes make clean up a snap as well. You can also create Pokémon inspired cookies simply by using frosting in the colors of red, yellow, and black. Pokémon cupcakes are usually very popular amongst the little ones as well; you can use yellow frosting to create Pikachu’s face, red gum drops for the cheeks, and chocolate chips for his eyes.

You do not need a fancy pan to create a Pokémon cake. Instead, you can simply create a round cake in the shape of a Pokeball. Use red frosting or fondant on the top, white frosting on the bottom, and create a black frosting band across the middle. This cake is easy to create, yet very exciting for little ones at a Pokémon party.

Children will be amazed at your ability to throw a fantastic Anime party complete with their favorite animated cartoon characters. From the Pokémon birthday party invitations to the Pokeball cake, you will have all of the kids saying, “I choose you….for the best birthday party ever!”

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