Mermaid Birthday Party Theme

Mermaid Birthday InviteSince 1989, Ariel and her friends, Sebastian the Crab and Scuttle the Seagull, have been winning the hearts of little girls worldwide. Number 28 in a collection of animated films by Walt Disney Pictures, the Little Mermaid remains a treasured favorite that will delight younger audiences for years to come.

Put your little swimmer to the test by hosting your very own Under the Sea Party. With the right tools and an ocean-full of imagination, you too can create a memorable event for your child and her friends.

One Shell of an Event!

Shelling out a large budget for expensive announcements isn’t necessary. You’ve found the perfect invitations for your little girl’s big event with beautifully crafted, die-cast mermaids. Each piece of stationery features a mermaid holding a shell while wearing a starfish bikini. Girls of all ages will delight over these creative and whimsical invitations.

Make sure to note on the mermaid birthday invitations that all guests will need to bring their own bathing suits and beach towels.

Making Waves

Why not host the party in your backyard by your swimming pool? It will fit into your theme perfectly. Children can swim the afternoon away in the safety of supervising adults.

Decorate tables and empty spaces with sea shells and strands of fake pearls. Use blue cellophane paper to create waves everywhere the eye can see. Blue and white balloons can be strung all around to resemble bubbles. You can design your own “Little Mermaid” from a variety of tools and craft supplies. Let your imagination run wild!

Sea Food!

Create edible centerpieces by mixing a box of blue raspberry gelatin with water, filling up new small fishbowls with the mixture and letting it sit in the refrigerator for awhile. Once the gelatin starts firming up, use a wooden skewer to push in pieces of fruit cocktail to resemble aquarium rocks. Do the same thing with gummy fish. Once the bowl is filled to your liking, place it back in the refrigerator so it can finish setting completely. This is a cool treat that every kid would like to eat!

Blue-colored Kool-Aid can be served out of a new larger fish bowl as well. Freeze water in seashell shaped candy molds and use them in the tank to keep the drinks cold. Children will love these tiny details.

A mermaid cake pan will help you create a masterpiece worthy of any museum. Use Necco Wafers to make colorful scales on her tail and real starfish for her bikini top. Make sure to take lots of pictures of the cake before the party to share with friends and relatives.

She Sells Seashells by the Seashore

Try your hand at a few tongue twisters. Award prizes to the children who can complete the following phrases correctly:
She sells seashells by the seashore.
I saw a saw that could out saw any other saw I ever saw.

With mermaid invitations and “underwater” centerpieces, you’ll be making a splash when you host an event as creative as this one.

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