Bowling Birthday Party Theme

Bowling PartyTurn an ordinary evening of bowling into an extraordinary party to remember. Bowling is gaining in popularity again, as a retro activity. It is particularly popular with tweens and teens. Many of the bowling alleys are still playing music from the 1980’s, which adds to the retro feel. Bowling shoes are still the same ones used decades ago.


Go to our web-site and look for stationery that has pictures of bowling pins and balls on it. Invite friends to join you at a local bowling alley for a few strings of bowling. It is appropriate that you pay the admission to bowl if you are not renting out the entire facility. It should be indicated on the invitation that you intend to cover admission and shoe rental. Let guests know that they will need to bring spending money for concessions and arcade games.


Reserve at least 2 lanes side by side. Assign you guests a lane to bowl in (try to evenly divide ages, height, and ability levels). You can arrange for the lanes/teams to compete against each other or allow for individual competition.

If you have rented out the facility, work with the manager (preferably ahead of time) to pick out music that you want played during the event. If you’d prefer to bring in favorite CD’s to play, request it ahead of time. Keep the music loud enough to enjoy, but low enough to allow for conversations.

Give prizes throughout the party, for strikes, spares and consecutive gutter balls! Stationery stores and party supply shops offer a multitude of bowling theme party favors.

Another worthwhile activity is to host a bowl-a-thon. Collect pledges ahead of time from people willing to donate to a charity. Have the invited guests bowl for the allotted time and then add up all of the pledges to see how much money was raised.

Food and Drinks

Most bowling alleys offer concessions. If you want to have special refreshments, such as a cake, check with the manager ahead of time. Bringing in themed paper products will add to the décor of the evening. If you are hosting the event as a birthday celebration, make a bowling ball cake (do an internet search for instructions) for the guest of honor.

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