Castle Birthday Party Theme

Castle InvitesAttention all horn-rimmed glasses-wearing Harry Potter Fans! Are you looking to turn your house into a real life replica of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Parents, do you want to celebrate the cherished series of books written by J.K. Rowling while simultaneously showing your child a good time? Well, look no further! You can do both by hosting a castle-themed birthday party with a Harry Potter twist.

Join Harry and his friends, Ron and Hermione, as they jump from one adventure to another without every missing a beat. Cast a spell or two of your own to ensure that your little wizard’s next party will be one magical event.

Hear Ye, O’ Hear Ye

Start by selecting stationery that combines chivalry with cutting edge style. A great Harry Potter-inspired birthday party invitation features a die cut castle with a medieval knight guarding the door.

Children will love the idea of a party that features all the things that they love about their favorite books and movies. Even J.K. herself would be honored to be a part of this spell-binding event.

Battening Down the Fortress Before the Guests Arrive

Pre-party preparations take the form of decorating, providing entertainment, and whipping up refreshments before you can bat an eye or twitch your nose.

Decorating is a snap as long as you follow the theme. Use dark grays, shades of black, and the color white to give your home that dreary castle feel.

Design your own family’s coat of arms by using felt in various colors. Draw the different symbols by hand, cut them out, and use fabric glue to attach them in the appropriate places. Hang the coat of arms in a place where it will be noticed by guests, such as inside the front door or above the cake table.

Pick up a paperback copy or two in the Harry Potter series and use these as centerpieces on the table. You can even hang the books with clear fishing wire to create a “magical” feeling amongst the room. During the course of the party, give the books away as prizes for the children who answer the most trivia questions correctly. A list of common questions concerning Rowling and her novels can be found online and printed out for your convenience.

Conjuring Up Magical Snacks

A witch’s hat cookie can be made by simple pressing an unwrapped Hershey Kiss in the middle of a batch of peanut butter cookies as they are pulled out of the oven and set aside to cool.

Witches’ Brew can be made by combining 12 cups of cranberry-raspberry juice, 4 ½ cups of orange juice, 2 cups of pineapple juice, and 2 cups of lime juice and served over ice. The drink can be stored in a plastic cauldron to make it even more mysterious.

A wizard’s hat shaped cake pan can be purchased inexpensively from a bakery supply store and decorated to your child’s liking with various kinds of cookies, candies, and flavored icings.

Your child will be spellbound by this bewitching experience. Magnetic and entrancing, the Harry Potter and castle birthday theme would be great at Halloween time too!

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