Cinderella Birthday Party Theme

Cinderella PartyFairy tales do come true! Just ask any little girl who has seen the Disney classic, Cinderella. From the horse drawn carriage to the glass slipper to Cinderella’s amazing night dancing with Prince Charming, there is no doubt in her mind that a little magic can go a long way.

Transform your child into the belle of the ball by hosting a Cinderella-themed party in honor of her birthday. Guests will have a truly remarkable experience once they step inside your castle and get a taste of how a real princess lives.

A Royal Invitation

Princesses are always in fashion. Send an invitation featuring a princess standing in front of her beautiful castle. The sender’s message can be written on the dress, which makes the birthday stationery whimsical and fun.

For a perfectly planned promenade, try a message like this one:
“Your royal highness, (Your Child’s Name Here), requests your presence at her beloved birthday ball. Dress to impress and don’t forget to wear a watch. At the stroke of (Time Party Will End), the magic spell will wear off and everything will return to normal.”

Behind the Curtain

The key to the perfect party is to be elegant while still keeping things simple. Brightly colored satin fabric can be draped across ceilings and over furniture to give any room an instant touch of class. Gold signifies wealth so use it deliberately throughout your color scheme, and pink is always a welcome touch for a princess’ birthday party.

Spray paint a chair gold and spackle it with glitter and fake gem stones. Cover the cushion with red velvet and deem it the Birthday Girl’s Special Throne.

Keep a box full of feather boas, crowns, and tiaras on a table and give the children their choice in which one to wear. They can dress up and all pretend to be princesses for the entire party.

Locate a shoe shaped candy mold, fill it full of water and freeze it. Use the glass slipper shaped ice cubes to keep all of your drinks cold.

Cuisine Fit For A Queen (and Princes and Princesses Too!)

Bake a dozen cupcakes and frost them with orange icing. Place a candy pumpkin on the top of each dessert to represent Cinderella’s magical coach. These cakes will serve as “extras” just in case the castle you baked isn’t as big as you need it to be.

A fantastic cake can be created from a castle shaped mold or by hand if you are really ambitious. Anything edible (cookies, hard candy, licorice whips) can be used to make the cake ornate. You can even attach ice cream cones to the cake with frosting to form adjoining towers.

From princess birthday invitations to creative decorations, a royal event can be possible on even the tightest of budgets. Whether your little princess is asking for a grand ball or a small gathering of her closest friends, one thing is certain. She won’t have to go from rags to riches to get noticed at this ball. In fact, much like Cinderella, she is destined to steal the show!

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