Variety of Wedding Invitations

Endless VarietyThe types of wedding invitations on the market vary in size, color, shape, and personality – almost as much as the people who choose to buy them. Whether a couple shops online or takes the time find the perfect cards on the shelves of their local specialty store, one thing will be certain. With all the options available, selecting the right kind of invitation can save a bride and her beau both time and money.

This helpful guide will highlight some of the more popular choices in sensational stationery styles and incredible, inspiring invitations. The characteristics that make each card special are as unique as the traits shared by their purchaser. A description of each invitation type can be found below.

Types of Stationery to Choose From

  • Traditional invitations are simple yet elegant. They combine the grace of the past with the promise of the future. Consisting of a card and a separate envelope, a bride-to-be can make life easier on herself by asking her fiancé and bridesmaids to help address the envelopes. The color of these cards is usually white or ecru.
  • Modern invitations stop the show with style. They combine the sleek sophistication of yesteryear with the bold, contemporary images of today. Like their predecessor, both the card and the envelope can be adorned in a print.
  • Monogrammed invitations bring custom personality to each wedding. Elegant and far from being demure, a modern twist on this classic will have heads turning to see what all the commotion is about. Couples can unite pre-wedding with a symbolic gesture of the joining of their last names.
  • Embossed invitations raise expectations. Certain images and adornments give this type of card a really classy revival.
  • Seal and send invitations make addressing the guest list a snap. Rather than have two pieces (a card and an envelope) to send to each guest, the thoughtful stationery folds into itself to form a perfectly quaint little envelope. This option is certainly eco-friendly too!
  • Z fold invitations add elegance to even the simplest of themes. The card overlaps on the side to form a signature look.
  • Pocket fold invitations have the same appearance of a wrapped present. Guests will enjoy these cleverly crafted cards that they can open and close time and time again.
  • Picture invitations give your guests the honor of seeing the significant other before a couple unites in marriage. Mixing black and white photographs with an edgy, modern card makes for a great conversation piece.

Fabulous invitations don’t have to cost an arm and a leg to be beautiful. You can mix tradition with modernity to create a look that is as unique as you and your fiancé are. No matter what the budget, great announcements can set the tone by exciting guests and giving them a taste of what is yet to come. An informed bride and groom know this about their invitations and are eager to share their sense of style with their family and friends.

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