Save the Date Cards That Garner Attention

Save the date cards have become a necessity in today’s society, as people are increasingly busy juggling both their professional and personal lives. If you are getting married during “high season,” you might consider sending save the date cards that will attract attention and guests to your wedding.

Purpose of Save the Date Cards

Save the date cards should be sent to everyone you want to attend your wedding. These wedding cards typically include your names, wedding date, and location, and they prepare recipients to receive a formal wedding invitation in the next few months. Sending save the date cards is especially important if travel will be required for many guests, as it gives them ample time to plan and make travel arrangements.

Wedding save the date cards can include a list of area attractions, hotels, shopping and even local events that will be occurring near your wedding date. This information is usually included to guests who would be traveling to your wedding, and if you make the information appealing, you’ll likely have a full house on your wedding day.

When to Send Save the Date Cards

Save the date cards should be mailed several months ahead of the wedding. In the case of a destination wedding, however, save the date cards should be mailed six months to a year in advance. If you plan to invite guests from overseas, then their save the date cards should be mailed earlier then domestic ones to ensure international guests have enough time to plan for your wedding.

Unique Save the Date Card Formats

There are several options besides sending traditional postcard save the dates that will capture the interest of your potential guests. You could choose colorful save the date card magnets, which will encourage recipients to put it directly on their refrigerator as a constant reminder that your wedding is approaching.

Another format that will garner positive attention for your wedding is to include an engagement photo on your save the date cards. You could still make your photo save the dates into magnets, but guests will really enjoy seeing a picture of the happy couple, especially those who might live farther away and won’t have an opportunity to see you before the wedding.

If you really want to get creative, you can include a fun save the date poem. For example, you might write:

Our day is fast approaching,
And we can hardly wait!
We hope that you can join us.
Be sure to save the date!

If you are a particularly romantic couple and want this aspect to shine through in your wedding save the date cards, you could include a more romantic sentiment, like:

Once Upon a Time,
She Met Her Knight in Shining Armor…
For the rest of the story
Please join us
June 3rd, 2010
For the wedding of
Kate Smith and Jack Jones
Invitation to follow

As long as you incorporate your unique personality as a couple into your save the date cards, your guests will get an accurate preview of your wedding and will anticipate the event with pleasure and assure your wedding will be well-attended.

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