Hosting Sunday Brunch Party

Sunday brunch is one of my favorite parties to host. I like Sunday brunches because I can come up with a menu that requires very little effort on my part and because Sunday afternoon is a time when people are ready to relax and kick back. I’m going to tell you how I do Sunday brunch and hopefully my ideas will help you get started. Then you can change things around to suit your tastes and guests.

My guest list – Personally, I like to keep brunch small. I usually invite about eight adults and I include their children. My number is eight because that’s the number of adults I can comfortably seat at my dining table. I set up a separate table in the playroom for the children. I also try to include at least one couple who’s new to our circle of friends so that they can meet some people. I choose an invitation from that fits my theme and invite people about three weeks in advance. I really like the “Coffee Cups” invitation and the “Buffet” invitation. I usually start at 1:00 to give everyone time to finish with church.

My menu – I like to keep the brunch menu simple so that I can enjoy my guests. I make a sausage and egg casserole almost every time. This is a casserole that you prepare the evening before you’re going to serve it and refrigerate it overnight. In the morning before brunch, I simply have to bake it for an hour. I serve grits to go with the breakfast casserole, and I also serve a variety of scones, bagels, muffins and sometimes pastries or beignets that I purchase the day before from a local bakery. I round it out with a fruit tray and some chicken salad. Sometimes my husband makes Belgian waffles to order for the guests. (These are a real hit with the kids.) For beverages, we serve orange, apple and tomato juices along with coffee. We keep the fixings on hand in case someone wants to turn their orange juice into a mimosa or their tomato juice into a bloody Mary. Just before everyone leaves I’ll often serve dessert, unless my pastry tray contained very sweet items.

Decorating – I keep it very simple. I put a pretty tablecloth on my dining table and fresh flowers on my kitchen island, where I put the food. The brunch is served buffet style and I set up a “help yourself” beverage station in the kitchen.

I don’t plan any activities for Sunday brunch, though I do usually have some soft jazz playing in the background. I used to put out a few Sunday newspapers, but I’ve found that people don’t read them so I don’t do that anymore. This party is all about relaxing and catching up with friends we might not have seen in a while. Clean up is easy and I often send leftovers home with guests. As you can see, a Sunday brunch is a party anyone can give. It requires little preparation and simple foods work well. You and your guests will certainly enjoy the opportunity to enjoy some good food and some good company on a Sunday afternoon.

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