Outdoor Bridal Shower vs BBQ Bridal Shower

There are different ways to host an outdoor bridal shower party that depend on whether your bridal shower will be casual or formal, all girls or couples. An outdoor bridal shower party is often more formal, while a BBQ bridal shower party is typically casual. Once you decide which type bests suits the bridal shower party you want to host, the rest of the planning becomes simpler.

Outdoor Bridal Shower Party Ideas

Choosing to host your bridal shower party outdoors is a lovely way to welcome the spring or summer season, as well as prepare the bride for the next big stage in her life. An outdoor bridal shower party is typically more traditional and is usually formal or semi-formal, while a BBQ bridal shower party will probably be ultra-casual and less-traditional.

Your outdoor bridal shower party can take the form of a garden luncheon or afternoon tea and can be hosted in an actual garden like a local botanical garden or at your home. A screened-in porch, patio or deck are all ideal locations for an outdoor bridal shower party; just make sure there is some form of shade, as most people don’t enjoy eating in direct sunlight.

Your bridal shower invitations will likely feature a feminine floral pattern or depict a lovely long table set al fresco beneath a blooming tree to set the scene for your outdoor bridal shower party. This is your opportunity to use your grandmother’s china and set the table with elegant silver platters, crystal pitchers and antique cake stands. The menu can vary but is typically cold food, like hummus and pita bread, chicken or shrimp salad and fruit parfaits. Elegant yet relaxed, an outdoor bridal shower party is usually fun for everyone.

BBQ Bridal Shower Party Ideas

Conversely, a BBQ bridal shower party is typically a casual affair and might begin late afternoon and go into the evening, rather than having an early afternoon bridal shower party. Often, BBQ bridal shower parties will be couples showers and co-ed. These relaxed and easy going bridal shower parties can involve a fun theme like a tropical luau, the wild west or beer and brats, for example. Usually, the outdoor bridal shower parties have just a general bridal theme rather than a specific one, so use the BBQ bridal shower party as an opportunity to show off your personality or celebrate your upcoming honeymoon in Hawaii.

Often, BBQ bridal shower parties will feature themed music and take on the form of a party with friends.  These are ideal for that non-traditional bride who just wants to kick back with friends and her fiancé and have fun. You can roast a pork loin for a Hawaiian luau and decorate the party area with bright hibiscus flowers, fake palm trees and string up brightly colored paper lanterns for when the sun starts to set. Give the bride and groom each a lei so everyone can easily recognize the guests of honor.

As long as you differentiate between the traditional and formal outdoor bridal shower party and the casual and non-traditional BBQ bridal shower party before you begin planning, the end result will be a bridal shower party worth remembering.

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