Dinosaur Birthday Party Theme


Dinosaur Birthday ThemeInvite all people who are most important in the life of the child. Parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins should be included on the family list. Boys are usually the ones who like Dinosaurs. It works best to have a small number, between 3-5 friends. You should also request that the parents stay at the birthday party, to supervise their children under age 10. Their presence will free you up to host the party. Invitations should express the theme of the party!

Decorating for the Party

Dinosaurs everywhere! Balloons and crepe paper in bright colors can be a basic decorating idea, or you can be elaborate and re-create a scene from “Land Before Time”. Coloring books are a wonderful way to find a variety of dinosaurs that can be enlarged and traced onto poster board to use in decorating.


The cake is central to the party. At a dinosaur theme party, a great cake idea is to have the cake in the shape of an egg, with a dinosaur hatching out of it. You could also make a dinosaur either as a sheet cake or standing up. Plastic dinosaurs atop the cake can be used for those not wanting to elaborately decorate a cake. Buy themed paper products and party hats and the kids will be very content!


Show a trailer of one of the “Land before time” movies to guests as they eat cake and ice cream, or for the toddler age, you can show a “Barney” movie. Dinosaur piñatas can be purchased or you could make your own. Fill the piñata with age appropriate treats and plastic dinosaurs for the children to collect. Younger kids will enjoy growing dinosaurs (sponges in gel eggs) or finding fossil dinosaurs (plastic ones buried in a sandbox)You could also do a scavenger hunt and have children locate pictures of different dinosaurs that are used in decorating the party space. For a good time had by all, keep the party length to 2 hours.

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